June 26, 2011

Getting intouch with The Goddess and Myself

When I am in need of centering and grounding myself as well as reconnecting with the goddess I do so by painting, and recently I have been painting bottles that I will/am using on both my main and kitchen alters.

I would like to show you a few of them that I finished over the last few days as well as my kitchen alter(above).

These three were finished last week, The first one (gold) was a spice bottle that I fell in love with and knew I had to paint it,cork it, and use it. The second is a dehydrated meat jar that I painted and is now is use holding my kitchen wands and other tools, and the last is a shot (vodka) bottle that is now in use holding moon water on my kitchen alter.

This beauty I finished today, I have not decided what she'll be used for but as you can tell it will have something to do with the goddess. I not sure why I feel so grounded and so close to the goddess when I paint but I hope it continues. I hope you have enjoyed my artwork.


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