October 13, 2012

Divination Craftiness

I have been working on my divination through several different ways, including Runes, Tarot, Oracle cards, and Pendulum work. When doing divination I like to put as much as myself into it as I can so I have crafted my own runes and though not necessary I made a pendulum board. I thought I would share them with you.

First is my Runes, I molded/shaped them out of clay, putting my energy into them, then they were painted a beautiful gold and then the Runes when drawn on them. I keep them in a lovely red bag my cousin gave me.

Next up in my Pendulum and Pendulum board. First is my pendulum it was an anniversary gift from my husband several years ago it is a sapphire heart that appointed itself to be my pendulum (and also my favorite piece of jewelery)

Then there is its board, it's wooden, and has been painted black and deco-podged with an awesome picture that I honestly want to be my first and most likely only tattoo.

 Thank you for letting me share my witchy crafts with you, I enjoy sharing them with you so much.


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