October 21, 2012

13 Ways To Celebrate Samhian/Halloween

With Samhain/Halloween drawing ever so close, I have decided to share thirteen things you can do to make your celebrations both pagan and non-pagan(for those of us in the broom closet) unforgettable.

  1. Set Up an Ancestor Shrine - Ancestor Altar - whether Pagan or not this is the perfect time of year to honor our ancestors. it does not have to be anything elaborate just put out some pictures and/or mementos of your loved ones who have passed - On Halloween/Samhain light a candle and meditate on your ancestors.  
  2. Decorate your lawn - Get your yard ready for all the trick-or-treaters.  make it sweet or spooky what ever you do have fun with it. 
  3. Host an all-night horror fest - Rent some movies, invite your friends over, order some takeout, and prepare for a long night of frights. 
  4. Have a dumb supperThis explains it better than I ever could
  5. Go on a haunted House/ghost tour - most area's have something like this just Google haunted tours in your area.
  6. Have a Halloween/Samhain party - Whether it's for children or adults have fun with it get in costume bob for apples and dance under the moon.
  7. Build a bonfire - If there are no fire bans in you city, state, or town have a bonfire, throw on some of you favorite Samhain Incense and enjoy.
  8. Take a child trick-or-treating - there is nothing more fun than taking a child trick-or-treating, have fun with it and maybe let your inner child out to play.
  9. Carve a Jack-O-Lantern - Let your creativity come alive and have fun with your design, and if your doing this with the kiddo's tell the story of Stingy Jack(history of the jack-o-lantern)
  10. Reflect on the past year -  As this is the Witches New Year do what you would do on the(secular, Jan.1st) New Year, reflect of the past year and set goals for the new one.
  11. Have or attend a seance - If your going to do this yourself please read this first.
  12. Tour a corn maze - This has always been a big hit with my family, they are always fun, just don't get lost.
  13. Start your own Halloween/Samhain traditions - just like any other holiday have fun with it and start your own traditions with your family.
Most of all have a wickedly fun Halloween/Samhain


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