October 25, 2012

Cascarilla “White Eggshell Powder”

Cascarilla “White Eggshell Powder”

Cascarilla or "Peace Powder" is white eggshells that have been crushed and ground to a powder. It is most common to Santeria, Haitian Voodoo, and South American folk magic, but is used in other magical paths as well. This powder is dusted on the body to protect from spirit possession or hag riding, and also acts as a shield to protect from psychic or magical attack. It can be sprinkled around your home or work to create a peaceful and protected environment. In witchcraft it is used for drawing sigils, runes, and other ritual symbols for rites of magic and invocation.

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Magical Uses For - Cascarilla “White Eggshell Powder”

  • It can be rubbed on the body for protection
  • Can be used as a chalk for drawing ritual symbols
  • Can be used as a magical powder to sprinkle for peace and protection in the home or work.
  • Can be used as a shield against psychic or magical attack

How To Make - Cascarilla “White Eggshell Powder”

As you use eggs in your daily life collect and wash the shells really good, let it dry completely (at least 24 hours), then grind it into a fine powder. Use as needed.


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    1. Thank you, if you have any questions about making Cascarilla just ask.

  2. Adding a bit of lime, not the fruit, will help make it more like a chalky substance, easier to write sigils with.