October 14, 2012

Cleaning Negativity From My Life

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I have had a life changing year this past year I found out I have diabetes, lost 2 loved ones, and made some really good friends, but while all this was going on I discovered that I needed to cleanse negativity out of my life, so I could concentrate on the positive aspects of life. I want to share with you how I did this and see how you cleanse negativity from your life.

Negative People

I am started with the negative people that affect my life. These people are like energy vampires, I try to stay positive and remain strong but their negativity just drains me. So I decided to drive the proverbial steak through their negativity. How did I do this you ask? well here's what I did.

For the negative people online - I have decided to delete them, I know that sounds harsh but when I come online it's to chat with friends, blog, read my fave blogs and to study, but not hear constant negativity and I do mean constant, the few people that I deleted never, ever posted anything positive at all, so I'm done.

For The Negative People Offline - I couldn't just click a button and delete them so I had to deal with them differently, so I decided to deal with them like this, the next time I had any contact with one of these people I ...

1. told them that I can no longer deal with the drama and negativity that they seem to thrive on, and explained how their negativity makes me feel.

2. After that if it continued I will limited the time I spent with said persons and if they asked why, I repeated step one.

3. if after doing steps 1 & 2 it still continued then I told the person/s that I can no longer be around them, I reminded them of our previous conversations on the subject and then I walked away from them and their drama and negativity.

Yes I know this sounds harsh but, I want rid my life of negativity and for the most part it comes from outside my home and I with all the extra stuff I have going on in my life I don't need to deal with those icky energy vampires, instead I need to concentrate on my family, my health, my craft and on the people in my life who yes have bad days from time to time but look past those days to see the positive things in life.

 Negative Energies

OK now that I have gotten rid of those pesky energy vampires it's time to get rid of the negative energies that are in my house.

This was easier than ridding myself of the energy vampires.

I simply cleaned my house from top to bottom, starting at the back of the house all the way to the front door. After I was satisfied with my cleaning job, I burned sage in every room of the house to rid it of the bad energies, then I proceeded to burn sweet-grass in each room to invite and welcome the good energies (I try and do this monthly). I noticed a difference in my pets and in the general mood of everyone in the house.

My next was to make a Witches Jar to help keep the negative away, so far it has worked quite nicely in fact one of the negative people I was having to deal with on a regular basis moved away from me.

Your Cleansing Ideas?

 I would love to hear how you guys rid yourself of negative people and energies, so please comment and let me know.


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