October 28, 2012

Creating Your Kitchen Altar

This is my personal Kitchen Altar
Having an altar in your kitchen is a reminder that your kitchen is a sacred and powerful place. It says that you have an ability to nourish yourself, and your family and connects you to the divine.

As each witch is different, so are their altars. Your Altar will be tailored to you and your beliefs. Your altar does not have to be grand or elaborate, it can be small and quaint. It's all up to you so get creative and have fun with it.

Where do I put my altar?

Anywhere you have the space for one in your kitchen. A small shelf, a window sill, the top of your refrigerator, or on top of your microwave. Your choices are only limited to the space in your kitchen.

So what do you put on your altar?

Representation of a goddess or god(if you follow one on your path) - This can be a statue, picture or what ever represents your deity to you.

Salt - You should always keep a small container of salt on our altar, it represents purification.

Elemental representation - I choose to have all the elements represented on my altar, but this is up to you.

Candles - I normally have a working candle on my altar that is lit when ever I am working in my kitchen.

Herbs - I store several of my favorite herbs in a small cabinet that sits on my altar, again this is up to you.

Items from nature work too – shells for water, pebbles for earth, crystals

Incense Burner - I normally only use this in the kitchen for ritual or while cleaning the kitchen.

This is only a sampling of what you can put on your altar, as I said above and in my broadcast, what you put on your altar is up to you.


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