October 29, 2012

Full Blood/Hunters Moon

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The Full Moon is a time for the recognition of the Goddess in her phase as mother and a time to celebrate the Goddess. Today's full moon will occur at 3:50 pm EST, and is called the Full Blood Moon or Full Hunters Moon. Now is also the time when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest because of Samhain being a few days away, so it is a good time to start your Samhain activities. 


The full moon is when the moon’s energy is at its peak. 

This full moon is a good time to focus inward and work on spiritual growth, commune with your ancestors, set up your Samhain altar, or set your crystals and other tools out to be cleansed under the moon.

It is also traditionally the time when Witch’s gather to celebrate the power of the moon through an Esbat ritual. It is during this time that the Goddess becomes the strong mother figure who cares for the earth and all its creatures. 

Tonight would also be a wonderful time to light a candle for our friends and family in the northeast that they might survive Hurricane Sandy with no harm.

What are your plans for tonight's full moon?


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