October 20, 2012

Honoring Your Ancestors

As Samhain draws closer and the veil between life and death thins, one can't help be reminded that it's the time of year for honoring our ancestors(loved ones who have passed away). This is the one time of year I can actually do just that "honor my lost loved ones".

Unfortunately the way people in my family mourn makes it almost impossible to honor them any other time during the year. With Samhain only 10 days away I am really gearing up for honoring my ancestors, I will be doing several things that day and I thought I would share some of it with you.

1. I will me going fishing for and hour or so with my Daddy and my Granny(it was their favorite thing to do)
2. I will eat an orange for my my baby brother(it was his favorite snack)
3. I will spend time out in nature with my granddad

I will also be doing some traditional Samhain activities like making soul cakes, Having a dumb supper and making an ancestor altar. How do you honor your ancestors?

Here is a short description of the Samhain activities I listed above.

Ancestors altar - you can add photos or other symbols of your loved ones, if you had a loved one die in the past year add a candle for them.

Dumb Supper - no, not dumb as in stupid, but dumb as in silent. You do not speak during the Dumb Supper to honor those who have passed on. You cook the dishes your ancestors might like, and eat in silence.

Soul Cake  - round cakes made to honor the dead. 

Of course  these are just a few suggestions I'm sure if your do some research you can customize your own way to honor you ancestors.

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  1. What a wonderful way to honor your ancestors.