October 22, 2012

Samhain - A Poem

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As I was trying to figure out what I would post about today I stumbled across this poem about Samhain and knew I should share it, I hope you enjoy it.

(poem by: Yvonne Aburrow)

As night draws its veil over the land,
And autumn draws on her cloak of leaves,
The other world draws nearer to our own,
And the dead gather in the place of shadows.
The dark mother stands revealed
In her terrible naked glory.
The heart stopping beauty of Autumn
Is like a spear roaring for blood.
Even as the Sun recedes from us
To journey over the dark dreaming river
Into the country of death -
So we seek within ourselves the seed of life.
The seed of life: Demeter's mystery,
Kernel within the dark husk,
The Child of Light turning within the womb,
Reflected in the burnished gold of autumn leaves.

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