October 17, 2012

The Tools Of A Kitchen Witch

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There are many tools that can be used by a Kitchen Witch - below are the tools essential in my kitchen and in my practice.

My Altar - Mine is set up to honor Brigid my chosen kitchen deity, you can set up your kitchen alter anywhere in your kitchen, mine is on a shelf in my kitchen.

My Tea Pot - for brewing teas. 

A Wide Variety Of Herbs - I use these for everything from cooking, teas, and mojo bags.

Salt - Salt is a must have, it can be used for everything from cooking to a magickal floor cleanser

Mortar & Pestle - for bruising and crushing herbs and spices.  

My Broom - Every Witch needs a broom. 

Wooden Spoons - In my personal Kitchen craft, my wooden spoon is my wand and is used in all my magical preparations.

A Good/Sharp Pair scissors  - can be use to cut just about anything.

Tools may differ from witch to witch. Some may scorn the use of modern day gadgets such as blenders and electric grinders, others may embrace blenders, and grinders into their craft as easily as they do thyme and basil. It's up to you what you use in your Kitchen Craft.

What are your must haves in your Kitchen?


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