October 20, 2012

Wiccan or Witch, Who I Am and Why.

Witch or Wiccan?

I have been ask many times, Are you a Witch or are you Wiccan? It has taken a long time for me to answer that question not only for others but for myself. The journey to find out who and what I am started when I was just a girl in Sunday school, and the Sunday school teacher read Gen 1:26 "And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness"  I knew then that there was more than just a God, I knew there had to be a Goddess too.

In the years since I have studied many different books and religions and never found one where I fit, until a stumbled upon a book Called "Wicca for the solitary practitioner" by Scott Cunningham and I was amazed that I could relate to so much of what he wrote however there was a lot I did not relate to, so I continued to seek out more information in not only books but from Witches and Wiccan's alike and in doing so discovered the path that I wanted and still follow.

Not Wiccan!

As a religion Wicca is very structured. So there are many limitations.  I have been told "your not a Wiccan if you don't do this, this and that" that's actually what kept me away from Wicca. People trying to tell me I am wrong or doing things the wrong way.

The reason I am not considered Wiccan by most Wiccan's is because I do not follow many thing that are considered The Wiccan Way. I am not part of a coven, I do not cast circles or call quarters, I do not follow the Wiccan Rede. Now I am not saying that any of that is wrong I'm just saying it is not for me.

Witch! and Proud!

Being a Witch has so much freedom to it, because it's very individual. I don't necessarily follow the 3 fold law, but I do firmly believe in Karma ie: what you send out be it good or bad comes back to you. I prefer to focus on herbs, the elements and nature in general. I have a Goddess and God that I pray to, and I follow the Sabbats. I like having the freedom to follow my path the way I choose, without having to follow any rules or complicated ritual.

Ever Evolving!
I still study everything to do with or concerning the path I have chosen, I have also looked into other paths that are similar to my path such as hoodoo, Voodoo, and folk magic. However my core beliefs remain the same. There is both a Goddess and God, nature is sacred, and magic is all around us and in everything we touch. 

Whatever you consider your path please remember to respect the paths and religions of other just as you would like yours respected.

Many Blessings


  1. So eloquently put. Thank you for sharing as it helps others to speak their truth.

  2. thank you, I always hope my post help/touch someone.

  3. well oh my goodness!!! i never realized that passage said 'us' and 'our'! the very next verse speaks of making man and woman! this woman was created before the one who was created from adam's rib. putting holes in their stories, aren't they?? great post! i am nosing in your archives!!

    hugs and love!!

  4. Wonderful post and I am LOVING the blog layout!

  5. Thank Bella, I wanted a fresh new look.