November 20, 2012

15 Days Of Thanksgiving - Day 13

Today I am thankful for my past, if not for my past I would not appreciate my present or be excited or my future.

OK so just the basics, my past sucked and I mean that, there where a few good things but all in all it sucked.

I am a survivor of molestation at the hands of my step-dad, I am a survivor of a mother who blamed me for my abuse, I am also a survivor or domestic abuse in my first marriage.

I don't dwell on these things or let them get me down, I embrace them, because with out them I would not know what kind of mother I wanted to be and work very hard to be, I would not know to love the little things that my husband does, that normally I would not even notice. I would not have become the strong person that I am and I would never be able to teach my daughter how to be the strong women they are becoming.

Do not let your past define who you are, do not be a victim, be a survivor, and be strong and teach the next generation to be strong.


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