November 28, 2012

What does the word "Witch" mean?

I was just having a wonderful discussion with my KiCKASS friend Joanna, we were discussing the word "Witch" and what it means; I told her "I love the word Witch and what it means to me personally, I just hate the stereotype that comes with it" so I decided to expand on that, and tell you what the word "Witch" means to me and why.

Let's start off the with common definitions of the word "Witch"

Witch - noun~
1. a person, now especially a woman, who professes or is supposed to practice magic, especially black magic or the black art; sorceress.
2. an ugly or mean old woman; hag.

Now I have to say that I find both of those definitions not only offensive, but written by barbarians in a time long since past. Sadly over the years many people have come to believe those definitions. The Pagan or spiritual community have differing definitions for the word "Witch" I have heard it used to describe those who practices Wicca, and I have heard it used as someone who practices folk magick.

The word "Witch" has come to mean a lot to me. The word "Witch" to me defines a person who works in and with nature to not only help themselves but those around them, it also means for me at least freedom, freedom from the structure of organized religions, freedom from unhealthy things such as chemicalized medications and foods. It means the freedom to express myself spiritually for the first time in my life.

Sadly it also has come to mean living in fear of certain people finding out, it means being called ugly, hateful things by my family, it means keeping my true self hidden when I want to do is scream out this is the real me, love me or hate me here I am.

Mostly to me the word "Witch" means being in my kitchen cooking up some yummy food for my family while filling it with good energies, intentions and love. It means making a salve for my husbands dry skin or bath salts for friends and family, It means loving and believing in a higher power, for me that is both the God & Goddess and asking not only them but my ancestors and spirit guides to help and guide me along the way.

The word "Witch" means many things to many people, what does it mean to you?


  1. witch means to me nature and mother god.its not all about the magic.

  2. I love the word witch - at the same time I hate what many people think it means. To me it means power, lover, caretaker of the natural world, and it recognizes female and male as equal. I have never felt as free and in control as when I accepted my witchyness. And, yes, it is a name I hide from so many who see it as 'evil' or 'bad.' They do this because of what their 'holy' book tells them. I tried for years to be holy - now I believe we are all divine and life means so much more.

  3. Wow- Ash-Lynn... LOVE your definition & the way you presented both the positive & not so positive aspects inherent in labeling yourself a "witch". I especially like the way you incorporated the word "freedom". Great post!

  4. Thank you Joanna, and thank you for inspiring this post.