November 4, 2012

White Willow Bark

6 or 7 months ago I was introduced to a lovely little herb called White Willow Bark  and its amazing pain relieving abilities. you can click the link to read more about it.

 White Willow Bark is now my go to pain reliever, it works on everything from my back pain to headaches, I even used it for tooth pain a few months ago. There are several ways you can take WWB, my preferred method is a making a tea/infusion. Below is my recipe for a yummy WWB tea.

What you'll need

2 tbls white willow bark
8-10 oz of water
Cooking pot or tea kettle
wire strainer and/or a cheese cloth


Heat water in a cooking pot or tea kettle until it comes to a boil. add 2 teaspoons of willow bark for every 8 ounces of water. Turn it to low and let it steep for 10 to 15 min. Strain and enjoy

For added flavor you can add vanilla, cinnamon, honey, my favorite add in right now is pumpkin spice it's a perfect yummy way to ease your pain.

As always check with your Doctor or other health care provider before using any herbal remedy.



  1. This sounds good, but where can I get white willow bark from.

  2. If you look in my side bar there is a shop called the Green Eyed Owl, or you can try also check your local healthfood store.

    I hope this helps you.