December 10, 2012

Phoebe Moons - 2012 Christmas List Tag

The very awesome Phoebe Moon has done a Christmas list tag/challenge on her youtube.

OK so as you can see from the video, the challenge is to list 10 this you want for Christmas, 10 things just for yourself and no one else. Phoebe encourages her subs to do a VR to this video, but i am too camera shy for that so I decided to respond here on my blog.

Here is my list starting with #10 and working my way to #1  

10. Wish - I wish that my diabetes would go away.
      Why - I miss pasta and birthday cake LOL

09. Wish - I wish to be a size 10 again
      Why - I love the way I look at a size 10

08. Wish - I wish for my perfect house, built and designed exactly the way I want it.
      Why - I have never in my 39 years lived in a house that was new, or designed to what I want.

07. Wish - For the pain from my past to stop coming into my present.
      Why - I am a survivor of molestation as a child and an abusive husband as an adult, both people
                 are still in my life and not by choice. I am tired of the daily reminders of that pain.

06. Wish - To meet my 2 favorite football players - Payton Manning and Clay Matthews.
      Why - have you seen them? need I say more LOL

05. Wish - to have coffee with a some of my favorite Witchy folks, Dee, Phoebe, Stevie, Marc, Etc.
      Why - The Witchy people I have met via YT and FB are the most inspiring and fun people I have
                 met in a long time and I think it would rock to have coffee and talk with them.

04. Wish - To be free to be 100% me, warts and all.
      Why - Do to the fact that I live in the very conservative deep south and my family is mostly
                 Christian and very judgmental I am not free to be me and share my beliefs.

03. Wish - To travel to Scotland and visit Hogwarts Castle.
      Why - I admit it I'm a hopeless Potterhead LOL

02. Wish - To live in a time/place where Witches/Pagans/Wiccans are not judged.
      Why - I hope this one is self explanatory.

01. Wish - Win the Lotto of course.
      Why - How else will I be able to afford to do the other stuff on my list :)

I hope you enjoyed my list. what's on yours? If you have a YT do a VR to Phoebe Moon or if your camera shy like me tell me your list here.

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