January 11, 2013

Fealing Crafty?

I was so I decided to do a project I have been putting off one one reason or another; Making wands. I have made 2 of them one regular and one is my kitchen wand.

The first is made from card board, a wooden dowel, hot glue, paints, a clear quartz, and a marble. The second is made from a wooden spoon, ribbon, and paint.

This is before I painted but after I had made my design and handle with the hot glue, 
and before I did anything to the spoon. 

This is after the first coat of paint on both wands.

This is the finished wands, they are for my personal use and I am in love with them!

 Do you make your Magickal tools or do you buy them?


  1. Those are beautiful. Especially the one with the marble! I make tools out of whatever I can find. My chalice is one of those neckless wine glasses, my wand is a fallen twig I consecrated and cleansed. Like all "New witches", when I first started to learn and practice I wanted to buy the best and coolest looking tools. But now I see how precious it is to create your own tools or to use what you already have. (:

  2. Thank you for linking this on facebook. they really are glorious! I need to make one for Hubby' study. Can't have a Steampunk Study without a wand.

    1. Your super welcome, I had so much fun making mine, would love to see what you come up with when your done.