January 10, 2013

My Goals For 2013

"This one step - choosing a goal and sticking to it - changes everything." - Scott Read
My Personal Goal

I am starting with is "being a healthier me" I say starting with, but I actually started this goal over a year ago when I was diagnosed with diabetes. In that time I have gone from 257lbs to 182lbs and I am maintaining a healthy blood sugar. My continuing goal is to lose about 40 more pounds or 4 pant sizes, to help me do this I will be making myself stick to my diet and recommended carb intake and exercising/working out 3 to 4 days a week. I am not setting a definite time frame to meet this goal because maintaining my health/diabetes is an everyday process, I do hope to me down a few sizes by the Summer Solstice.

 "Life is a journey not a destination." - St. Therese of Liseaux

My Spiritual Goal

I have come a long way on my spiritual path, but I still have a long way to go, my first goal to achieve will be to learn do more with my Tarot and Oracle cards. I was doing a reading for myself daily to help me not only learn the individual cards but to infuse my energy with the energy of the cards. Needless to say over the past year I have had to concentrate on other things, but now I am ready to concentrate on divination again.

 "Goals in writing are dreams with deadlines." - Brian Tracy

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