January 28, 2013

Patron God & Goddess.....Who Call To You?

Over the last little while I have been ask thit question many times, so I decided to answer it.

First, I don't have one Goddess or God that I follow more than any other but I do have a few that I am overwhelmingly drawn too.

As fare as Goddess that I'm drawn too - Quan Yin - Diana - Bast - Bridgid have more than made themselves known to me and on more than one occasion.

As for the Gods I'm Drawn to - Pan - Mercury - Ganesha have stolen my heart.

I'm drawn to these particular Gods and Goddesses because at one time or another they have all made themselves known to me. either in a dream or in the case of Quan Yin I was quite literally seeing her everywhere from online to a cute little statue at the mall.

I have ask for my patron God and Goddess be revealed to me a few times and every time those I have listed above have come to me in the days after my request. So for now I keep all them in my heart and honor them in the ways they deserve.

So who is your God and/or Goddess?                          


  1. I don't have any patrons (at least, I don't think they're patrons), but there have been a few that I have called out to whom I work with frequently, and they have always come through <3

    Mars, Venus, Abundantia, Jesus and the Blessed Mother Mary.

    I actually had an interesting encounter with Abundantia yesterday...

    A few days ago I found a gold-painted picture frame that I thought would be perfect for Her shrine, as her current icon is a little 3x4 inch piece of paper glued on to some cardboard. So I removed the tiny one and cut out a piece of paper to fit in the picture frame but did not create the icon.

    Her Shrine sat Goddess-less for a few days (a mistake on my part). But yesterday, as I was painting, the blank picture frame fell from Her shrine from the shelf above me and hit me right on the head.

    At first it startled me. I had no idea how it could have fallen. It was tucked behind the other items on her altar and balanced perfectly against the wall. Also, the items were not disturbed in anyway when it fell. My first thought was I had an angry spirit or something but then it hit me that it was, in fact, Abundantia telling me that I better get to making that icon.

    So she has a brand new icon sitting in Her shrine waiting to be officially presented this Thursday :P

    Great post. One of my favorite things to discuss is Patron Gods and how They've worked in people's lives. (:

    Blessed be, x )O(

  2. Wow, what a great experience, It always amazes me how they have their ways of communicating with us.