January 13, 2013

Prayer In Paganism - Yes, No, Maybe?

I am a Pagan/Witch and I pray/talk to the Goddess/God daily, I have never thought this to be strange or wrong, but today a friend posted a prayer request and was worried that her asking for a prayer would be wrong or out of place on a Pagan page.

So I got to thinking do other Pagan/Witches Pray? 

I do not find it strange or wrong to pray/speak with the Goddess/God on a daily basis to ask for their guidance to help accomplish whatever I have on my plate for the day, I also ask for their help in keeping my family safe and healthy. I love communicating with my Goddess/God, in fact I believe if we don't communicate with our chosen deity on a regular basis, then we can't presume to have a good relationship with them.

Of course this prayer/communication can not be one sided, you can't expect for you deity to answer your prayer/request without giving something in return. That something could be a simple offering or it can be elaborate if you choose, just remember to leave an offering for whatever deity you are praying to.  

Now my question for you is do you pray? Why/Why not? I would love to hear your opinions on this all comments are welcome.


  1. I believe whole-heartedly in prayer. Most of my prayers are to Jesus, Mars, Venus, and now, the Virgin Mary. And they have never let me down. (:

    My main issue in my question was if it's okay to pray for animals. Coming from a Christian background, animals weren't important. They were mere companions and it didn't really matter if they lived or died because they had no soul. So I always felt out of place by wanting to ask for prayers for my cat or my dog. Of course, now I know differently, but that awkward feeling remains (I seem to have a few ties that still need breaking).

    Thank you so much for your responses on that post. I feel much better about it now. <3

    Goddess bless <3

  2. I have always prayed for my animals, even when I was a practicing Christian, so yes I do believe in praying for all living things.

  3. When I was a Christian, I prayed for everything/everyone. Now as I'm trying to figure out what I am I do not pray I meditate. I prefer the title witch -I'm working on my beliefs - I seemed to have lost my deity(s)... If I'm asked to pray for someone I give the situation some thought and usually light a candle and wish them healing, or whatever. I'm not sure why I felt the need to answer this - maybe to keep in touch with blogs I enjoy or to exercise my brain and try to figure out where my life is headed. Thanks for the challenge.

  4. Sam, I actually love your answer. it gives a whole new perspective on the subject. I understand about losing deity it has taken me years to rediscover mine.

  5. I think maybe the word prayer is the problem - it's so closely associated with other non-pagan religions. I talk to my gods, and I listen to them (through meditation) on a regular basis. I don't use a "prayer" format, just conversation, but a conversation with god/gods is called prayer, so yes, I pray. I also do magic work and physical real world stuff to achieve what I want and need.

  6. Aine, I agree I think the word "prayer" is the problem I to speak with my deities that's why I worded the post the way I did.

    Yes you must "magic work and physical real world stuff" to achieve your needs, the goddess helps those who helps themselves.