January 22, 2013

So Excited!!!!

Why am I "So Excited"? Well remember in this post from 1/06/13; I said I wanted to be able to do more rituals outside, well it's not much but I have created a small ritual space w/outdoor cauldron. I am very happy and excited about it and wanted to share it with you. (on a side note, Yes I know the date stamp is off. I hope to figure out how to change it one day LOL)

This is the entire space it is roughly 6 foot by 6 foot in the center it my outdoor cauldron,
 it's covered in this pic to protect it from rain.

Here is the center with the cauldron uncovered and yes that is ashes I have already used It.

As I said it's not much, but it's mine and it feels right to me, this is a major step for me and I have ask the Goddess to help me with this step. If I can ask, how do you deal with being a witch/pagan in the open?

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