February 3, 2013


Esbats are Day for honoring the Goddess in her 3 forms Maiden(New Moon) Mother(Full Moon) and Crone(Dark Moon). On these days we do magical workings that correspond to each phase of the Goddess(Moon). Below is a list of the phases and the workings that can be done one those days.

Full Moon: The full moon is a wonderful thing and most magical works can be done or started at a Full Moon

New Moon: The New moon is a time to do magical workings like, Personal growth, healing, blessing new projects or ventures. Usually manifests by the Full Moon.

Dark Moon: This is the three days prior to the Full Moon. Usually no magic is performed during this time. Instead it is used for meditations, rest, and vision quests.

You can also use the other phases of the moon in your magical works.

Waxing Moon: This is the period between the Full and New moons. It's used to attract or draw things to you, to bring things into being, to invoke things you want.

Waning Moon: The period between the Full and New moons. Also called the first quarter. Used to banish and reject things that are no longer wanted or needed.

A common practice during the Esbat ritual is to Draw Dawn The Moon. This can be done as a group or as an individual. When we draw down the moon, we call upon the moon’s magical powers and we keep them inside us, and fill ourselves up with her power and inspiration. This energy is then used either in spells or used to send out healing into the cosmos, and is then given back to the Earth afterwards.

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