February 21, 2013

Kitchen Witch Beauty

I have recently been reminded that it's not only what goes in my body that can be potently harmful, but what I put on my body, such as shampoos, lotions etc. So I decided after watching this video my friend Krista made on making your own rosemary hair rinse, I would give it a try.

And....... I love it, my hair is so soft and shiny; I  can't stop running my hands through it :) Now Krista and a few others have talked about going "No Poo" or "No shampoo" I'm not sure when I am going to try this, but I am going to do it. Along with the hair rinse and no poo, I am also going with the if you can't say/pronounce it it does not go on or in the body. I have already started this when it comes to medicines other than my diabetes medicine that I have to take, I only use all natural/herbal remedies.

I am trying to live my life healthier and more naturally. What do you do to live a more nature based life? Would love to hear your idea's and recipes.


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