March 21, 2013

WTH MOM....... Really?

Let me start with saying I love my mom. I really do, but she is and always has been a very self centered and selfish person, if it's not always about her she makes it about her.

So today I had dental surgery to remove a bad tooth(it's roots had to be removed one at a time) I get home and I kid you not as soon as I closed my eyes to rest my sister in law calls saying "they're putting mom in the hospital, only one pocket in her lung is working". Of course I'm worried because my mom has COPD and only has about 45% lung usage as is, I call my step dad and tell him to call me after she has been admitted and he has talked to all the docs and has all the info. He says he will.............

In the mean time all of my family starts calling asking if I'm ok(over my mom) and to set up ways to get me to the hospital or visits(I don't drive) and all that good stuff, as is normal in our family. Then the phone rings and it's my mom " I know your worried about me but I'm not going to the hospital today" I was like excuse me the doctor says you need to be in the hospital, she says " well I don't want to I'm going to wait and see" mind you she is struggling for breath and coughing the whole time, but she wants to wait and see.

I just don't know what to do cry, be angry and yell, or just give up. right now I'm just lost and needed to vent, thanks for listening to or I should say reading my vent.



  1. I hope your mom will be ok. My mom is similar. She had three mini heart attacks and refused to go to the doctor, even though it was chest pains. She assumes its nothing serious at times. I don't get her because I swear she is a hypochondriac. She'll pick random "symptoms" and say she has some obscure disease. But severe chest pain she ignores. Part of her heart is not working right because she waited so long.

  2. Thanks Guys, she finally went to the hospital, via an ambulance. She stayed a few days and is at home do as best she can.