April 25, 2013

Full Moon Blessings!!!

Hello lovely people, tonight's Full Pink Moon is stunning. I went out for a while just to sit out and admire her, and take a few pics to share with you.

My View of the Moon in all of her brilliance. 
This is from a little further back, and did you notice the orb?

I will be going back out in a bit to take in her energy, light a candle and let a few things charge in her light. I hope all of you are having a blessed Full Moon night.

Full Moon Blessings

April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day!!!

Today has been absolutely beautiful! I could not ask for a more perfect Earth Day; it's been warm and sunny. I'd like to share some of my day with you.

 I woke up to find that my Tiger Lilly's have started to bloom,
this is the 5th season I've watched these beauties bloom.

 I took advantage of this wonderfully beautiful day to get my feet on the ground, 
taking in the earths energy and all she has to offer. 

You can't see them in this pic, but this tree has been filled with cardinals all day.  

I ended the day watching the sun set through the trees.

We also mowed the lawn, picked up trash, and straightened up the front porch. I hope all of you have had a marvelous Earth Day, and have a blessed Full Moon later this week.    

Earth Day Blessings

April 11, 2013

Diamond Or Coal?

Today, Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy posted the following picture and asked, "Are you a diamond or coal?"

When I first saw her question, I could not see the entire picture(I was on my phone). So I related the question to my/our spiritual selves. Once I saw the entire picture I realized I was mistaken. However I still ask myself when it comes to my spiritual self, "Am I a diamond, or am I still coal?" After mulling this over in my head for a while I decided it would be an awesome discussion.

First lets start with what we know about diamonds and coal. lets start with diamonds.

Diamonds are hard, beautiful, highly sought after and most have been or will be cut to fit a preformed facet and will stay that way forever, never changing. 
Coal on the other hand is an ever changing highly sought after resource, that starts it's life as a soft little lump, coal is ever changing in its form and use. It can be many things to different people.

Now I know you want to know what do those definitions have to do with our spiritual selves? A lot I think. When I'm asking this question, I am asking about how you define your spiritual self/path.

I'm asking are you like the diamond, with a preconceived notion of what your religion/spirituality is and how or what you should do in the context of the path your on?

Or, are you like the coal, ever changing, always seeking knowledge, seeking out different different ways to do things and finding out there are many paths out there to explore?

Now in asking myself this question, the answer came to me very easy, I am a lump of coal, I will never fit into a nice little facet/path, and I will never stop learning and exploring when it comes to my spiritual path. I never want to be the type of person who see's things in black and white(in any part o my life) I want to see in rainbows forever.

So now I ask you, are you a diamond or are you coal?

April 9, 2013

Please Pardon The Construction.....

But I'm almost done........

In my original concept for this blog, I wanted to not only pour myself into the words I put on the page but also in everything related to it including the layout. So, that is what I have been attempting to do.

I am pretty happy with the outcome so far, I have a few more things I want to add, but I promise when I am done, barring any technical issues with my layout, this will be it for a long while.

If you have any issues with the color scheme or layout please let me know so I can address them. Also if there is anything you would like to see added to this blog please let me know.



April 2, 2013

Healthy Lifestyle Changes, Goals and More....

image found on Google
The past month(March) has been a whirl wind month. March has never been a good month for me and this year was no different. My mom was in and out of the hospital, my dad(step) was diagnosed with cancer and had 2 surgeries to remove the tumors and a piece of muscle from his leg, and I myself had dental surgery to have a tooth removed along with the roots one at a time(ouch).

Anyway March is finally gone and everyone seems to be on the mend(thank the Goddess & God). But, with all the health scares that stalked my family in March, I decided to reevaluate not just my health and lifestyle but my families as well. Let me tell you we need a change..... A Big One!!!

image found on Google

So, I sat down the the hubby, and we decided that we would be changing things as far as our eating habits and the amount of exercise we get (or don't get); we have even gotten the witchletts on board. We will be starting out by getting all of the junk food out of our house, and bring in healthier choices such as fresh fruits and veggies, high fiber foods and drinking more water.

As far as exercising we will be doing a lot of walking, along with the possibility of joining a gym. We have decided to make these changes as a family, so I hope that encouragement helps make these changes easier on everyone.


I have decided to set several goals for myself for the month of April, I decided to share them here with you; these goals are both personal and for my blog.

  1. To get my house cleaned out and better organized.
  2. Get myself and my family outside for 1 hour/3 days a week.
  3. drop the 9lbs I have put back on over the winter and then lose 25 more(this is long term).
  4. Blog at least twice a week.
  5. Craft more.
  6. Set up and prepare my altar for Beltane.

Are you or have you taken any steps to live a healthier lifestyle? Whay goals have you set for the spring?