May 27, 2013

New Place To Find "The Cauldron".

Hey guys do to the many changes that FB keeps implementing to it's pages and regular profiles, ie; charging to let your followers see you post, page, etc.; I have been looking for another way for my followers to be able to keep up with this blog and actually be able to see every post I make. 

I believe Google+ pages is exactly what I have been looking for. It have many great features including being synced with the blog, hangouts(live chats) and much more.

If you have a Google+ profile and would like to join the new page, so you can get instant updates to this blog just follow this link "Our New Page" and add the page to your circles.

I will be keeping to FB page up and running for now, but how long it stays up depends on how many changes FB continues to make.



1 comment:

  1. Hey thanks. I don't particularly like FB pages either. I also created a page on Google +. :)