May 31, 2013

Schools Out, and The Summer Solstice Is On The Way!!!

It's that time of year again. Litha/The Summer Solstice is only weeks away, and my witchletts are out of school for the summer; they've all passed the school year. I'm now the proud mommy of a Jr in high school, a 6th grader, and an 8th grader; I feel so old.

I am also excited that Litha/The Summer Solstice is on the way. I have been deciding how to celebrate it this year. We have discussed going camping or having a small cookout with my Witchy sisters(we're not blood, but we are sisters) and the families.

In the meantime I will be doing a few crafts with the youngest witchlett, we will be making some type of protection amulets as Litha is a time for making or renewing your protection items. We may   also be making these.

Pic Source
And of course I will be gathering items and setting up my Summer altar, I say "Summer" because it will stay up until Mabon (my most sacred/favorite Sabbat). If we come up with other craft ideas for Litha I let you guys know.

What are your plans for Litha/The Summer Solstice?

Litha Blessings



  1. School's Out For Summer!!! Yay! My son actually goes straight into summer school when this semester ends mid-June. So- really August is our only school-less month. That solstice ornament is adorable :O)

  2. I wish they did school here like they do in Cali and other states. We are gonna try making the ornament this next week, I'll post pics when we make it.

  3. School won't be out until the end of June, here.

    Your prospective plans sound lovely, especially the camping, yum! We are going to visit the grandparents in Friday Harbor, WA, and stuff our faces with blackberries ;-D

    1. yum!! blackberries, have a safe and enjoyable trip.