May 31, 2013

When Did You Know?

When did you first know you are a Witch?

For me I guess I always had "it" in me, but I did not know exactly what "it" was; at least not till about 14 years ago and now I know I'm a Witch.

As a young child my grandma had this huge cast iron cauldron in her backyard. Whenever I was at her house, I was always in the yard playing with that cauldron and mixing "potions" in it; I have to say it always felt so natural being around that cauldron and mixing "potions" in it.

Pic Source
Not my Gran's cauldron, but I sure wish I had her's now
As I got a little older, my cousin was always playing "Witch". We would come up with our own spells and potions, we would do this for hours on end.

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My "Witchiness" also showed up in my reading habits as a young girl and into my teenage & adult years. I would read anything & everything that had to do with Witches: still do.

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Of course, like all good little girls in the Bible Belt, I went to church and read my bible but it never felt right, I never really connected.

It was not until my late 20's and early 30's, after my divorce from my first (controlling ass) husband that I was free to explore who I was and the path I had always been drawn. That's when I knew I was a Witch, and when I finally connected with my spiritual side.

I would love to know when you knew that you were a Witch.

Many Witchy Blessings



  1. When I was a little girl my grandmother told me I was 'an old woman in a child's body.' I seemed to understand what others were feeling and could talk to almost anyone. I made the mistake of marrying a crazy man and after that divorce I doubted myself so much that I thought god was punishing me and I better become a good church girl. As time has gone on I see myself naturally living a life more pagan/witchy/NOT churchy and have just come to accept myself as a witch. It is an ongoing thing. Over the past two years I've really concentrated on this life, I've had some success with spells and I've had some total failures. Yes, I keep records - I'm just looking for 'proof.' Sorry to ramble on, you just got me thinking about this life I have chosen.

    1. I hope you are thinking about it in good ways, and I have to tell you, this/your path as well as life itself is an ongoing, and ever changing thing. don't give up on it, embrace it.

  2. There are several instances when I was younger that I remember having predictions- like a phone call my mom received and in the first words of the call I knew my cousin had run away and then I knew before they found him that he was only a few houses down hiding in some bushes. There were several other incidents like this but being surrounded by people who didn't believe in such things I didn't think to try to do much with it. Well, except sitting in church bored and "playing" with the flames on the candles. In middle school I began to research other religious and spiritual beliefs which eventually led to my first (and first successful) spell in high school. That was when all the pieces fell into place and I really knew.

    Now after some years of bad relationships, not using my spiritual gifts, letting others influence me in negative ways, etc. I'm trying to get back to that place where things may not have been easy but were much easier. Or maybe it's just the "adult" part of my mind that is so hard to shut down now that's holding things up, haha.

  3. I know all about bad relationships :/ I hope you continue getting back to the good place in your like and using your spiritual gifts.

  4. I was 'playing witch' as young as 6 or 7. But even then it wasn't always just fun and games. I would call the elements actually... I would stand in the woods and call for the wind... call for the rain... I also started researching witches at a very young age as well. Not just the fairy tales and fiction stories, but the base roots of witchcraft. As a teen I started digging into Wicca. But it wasn't until my late 20's that I came to terms with it all. I always knew, but didn't know how to incorporate it or accept it into my life. My life has gotten so much more simpler and more full-filling sense making it a part of my life. Thank you for sharing this great post with the PPBH!