June 10, 2013

Book Of Shadows, What Are They, And Other Questions

All over the web lately I have been seeing a ton of questions from new Witches/Pagans about "Books Of Shadows" I thought I would give my take on a few of these questions.

Q. What is a "Book Of Shadows"? The basic answer to this is a BOS is your personal journal of your magical life.

Q. What kind of BOS should I have? It can be anything from a spiral notebook to a leather bound book, however for me it has always been easier to use a 3 ring binder. using a 3 ring binder makes it easy to move rearrange and add information to your BOS. I recently made the BOS in the picture above, I made a how to post here.

Q. What Information should I put in my BOS? Well that is completely up to you, but I will give you a basic list as to what you can put in it.

Table of Contents:
Title Page
Book Blessing
Tenets, Basics, Ethics
Crystal Magic
Incense & Oils
Rituals and Spells
Glossary Of Terms

This is just a general list you can add more or less it is your BOS and it is your decision as to what goes in it.

Do I have to hand write my BOS? No not necessarily, some pagan/wiccan/witches keep a digital BOS on their computer, or if your like me and can't read your own handwriting you can type up, then print out the pages you want in your BOS.

Here are two pages from my personal BOS, a Spell page and a blank for future use.

However you decide to do your BOS, have fun with it decorate the cover and the pages make it personal to you.

I hope you have found this helpful. if you have any questions about making your own BOS, please feel free to ask about it.




  1. I don't have a "Book of Shadows." I tried putting a cute book together once, after I got one as a present, but I felt I didn't like it. My stuff is here and there: computer, notebooks, my head, margins of books...

    But whatever works ;-)

    1. I could not agree more, each Witch has to do whatever works for them :)

      Besides the one in the pic I like you have stuff on the computer and several notebooks.