June 16, 2013

Pareidolia and Scrying

My Good friend and favorite Hippy Witch Joanna DeVoe did a fabulous blogtalk radio show this past week on  Pareidolia and Scrying. I found it to be very interesting, especially because I myself see faces and various other objects, in many different mediums such as carpet, wood grain, tile, etc.

What do you see in this Pic?
I'll post what I saw at the bottom of this post.

I have experienced this phenomenon for as long as I can remember and it fascinates me, I have not attempted to use this technique in scying but I do think I am going to give it a try after listening to what Joanna had to say about her experienced.

I was wondering if any of you have experienced Pareidolia? I would also love it if you would check out Joanna's blogtalk show and blog post on the subject and let me know your take on the subject.

What I Saw: I saw a Death Eater from Harry Potter, a Flying skull, and a womans face.


  1. The mind is very artistic, isn't it? And sometimes the eyes are very good at translating what the brain sees. "Faces on carpet..." cool ;-)

    1. It can be very artistic, we just have to remember to nourish it.

  2. I see a large, moth-like being perched on the sun!

    THANKS for the shout out, Ash-Lynn, and for keeping the conversation going. Pareidolia is AWESOME.

    1. I loved keeping this one going Joanna :)