June 13, 2013

Runes - How To Cast and Read Them

Much like any divination method there are many ways to read your runes I am going to tell you how to do the two I use most.

The One Rune Pull

This is a good way to start your day, and is also a good way to learn and get familiar with your Runes. With your runes in their bag mix them around with you prominent hand, while mixing them concentrate on what you are seeking a answer about. When you feel like you have mixed them enough draw out one single rune. Hold it in your hand, study it, look at it's meaning. What does it mean to you and about the question you ask?

It's a good idea until you know your runes and what they mean to you and your readings to keep a journal of your results.

The Five Directions

Select five runes one at a time and lay them face down in front of you. (Use the chart below)

The three horizontal runes represent your past, present, and future. It is usually best to turn over the center rune (1) first. This is the rune of the present and will show your problem as it is now. It can also show your state of mind.

The rune in position to left of the center (2) signifies the past and will tell you what in the past caused you to be in your current situation.

Next read the rune laying above the center (3). This indicates the help that you can expect to receive with the issue at hand.

The rune below center (4) indicates what aspects of the issue you must accept and cannot be changed. .

The rune to the right of center (5) is the results rune. This rune indicates the final outcome.

Again it is always a good idea to journal your results so you can compare them and learn from them.

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I hope you enjoyed this series on Runes, I am looking forward to your input and learning how Runes work for you.



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