June 11, 2013

Runes - How To Make Your Own

You can go to pretty much any new age or witchy shop and buy a set of runes, but that can be costly. I myself like to make as many of my witchy tools as I can, because I like being able to infuse my energy into whatever I'm making; and there is something magically satisfying in making my own tools.

There are several ways to make your own Runes, I will be going over a few of them in this post, and showing you the ones I just made.

Wood Runes - You can cut a wooden dial into 25 pieces and Paint or Use a sharpie to write a Rune on each one - you could also carve the rune symbols into the wood.

Beans - Grab a bag of butter/lima beans, go through the beans in the bag and pic out 24 that are not cracked or open. then simply use a sharpie to write a rune on each one.

Clay - Use an oven bake polymer clay(sculpey) mold 1in circles or squares it's your choice, now you can either carve the runes into the clay then Bake or you can bake then paint or use a sharpie to draw the runes on.

The clay method is the way I went with mine, I used sculpey/clay in a bright pink and purple (just my taste) I formed them, baked them or 15 min, let them cool completely then drew on the rune symbols with a black sharpie.

Next up in the Rune Series - Runes Symbols and What They Mean.


  1. Runs are so pretty. My favorites have been made the ones made of wood, of stone, or of clay ;-)

    1. In the future I want to make a set from wood, I just have not found the right piece of wood yet or rather it has not found me.

  2. Very cool! Purple & Pink runes! There's something you don't see every day :O)

    1. That's the cool thing about making them yourself, you can make them as unique as you want :)