June 22, 2013

The Super Moon & a Frog!!!

So the clouds parted and the youngest witchlett, the dog, and I went out to enjoy the Full Super Moon.

As always the Moon was simply gorgeous and so full of energy, we danced in circles and giggled. While dancing and giggling we stumbled upon a little friend.

We decided to call him/her "Luna" in honor or the Full Moon, then our dog decided to check Luna out and play with him/her.

We let them play for a few minutes then tried to get the dog to come inside with us, I finally had to pick him up and take him inside; silly dog. I hope all of you have had a blessed Full Moon and soaked up some of it's marvelous energies, I know I did.

Many Full Moon Blessings



  1. Look at her spy through the leaves. And, look at her (the frog) on the leaves ;-)