July 18, 2013

Why Are Spiritual Souls from the Times of the Lost Worlds on Earth Now?

Today we have a special guest post, by the wonderfully talented Allorah Rayne, If you don't know her then you should. I will link where you can find her below her post.

One of the reasons I have incarnated to the third dimension, Earth, at this particular time is to help other beings discover their soul origins. I have been directed that knowing where we come facilitates a greater understanding for ourselves within ourselves. I have also found that knowing your souls origin can alleviate an overwhelming sense of homesickness for highly spiritual human beings who understand that they are spiritual beings having a human experience and that the third dimension is not their point of origin. Soul origin profiling has become a very important aspect of my spiritual path, interjecting itself into every day life. When I meet someone new often my first thoughts turn into a massive checklist of characteristics, crossing off each on in elimination, trying to decipher which realm they have chosen to incarnate from.

Before I go any farther there are three things you should know about soul origin profiling.

First and foremost, the soul origin refers to your souls current incarnation. It does not encompass any past, or parallel, incarnations. This means that when I am given information about someone's soul origin from my spirit guides they are only referencing which realm they chose to come from for this specific lifetime. Most of us have countless incarnations through many realms experiencing many different kinds of life. Many of us have had incarnations in other dimensions, on other planets, and without physical form.

Second, everyone... and I mean EVERY one has a star origin. The trick is to find out if they have incarnated into this lifetime through their star born realm. For some this is yes and for some no; but I assure you we all have many stars of origin. My guides have instructed that for this incarnation it is only important to be aware of your primary and secondary planetary origins. Think about it this way.. there are Caucasian people, African-American people, Asian people ect. But above that, we are all human. The same works for soul origins... someone could be an elemental, an angelic, a walk-in, a hybrid ect. but they are all still star people, even those we consider earth souls, or those that never realize their spiritual nature and choose to only experience a third dimensional reality.

And finally, soul origin profiling is a process that is both a right and left brained process. I use hard data such as natal charts and questionnaires, as well as work with my spirit guides and intuition to draw a conclusion. The process would not work with either piece alone. They work in symbiosis dancing rhythmically together to paint an entire picture. Many times when I am profiling my guides will give me information about the past incarnations of the souls although the information directly relates to their current incarnation. Usually it's a past/parallel life in which they are finishing lessons from or are repeating a similar path to working out the karmic patterns of that specific prior incarnation.

Now that we've covered those three basic principles in the realm of soul origin profiling, I would like to bring your attention to an ever growing trend among the souls who feel guided to have their soul origins profiled. As of late, most of the individuals that have come to me have a path similar in this time as they did when they lived among the great civilizations of the lost worlds most notably Atlantis and Lemuria. We could debate for hours on the existence of these lands but lets assume for the sake of this article they were real places, which also happens to be my opinion after many readings and personal meditations with my guides.

According to various channelings and personal past life accounts Atlantis and Lemuria were highly enlightened civilizations that thrived for thousands of years. Many have recounted that both civilizations were founded by a wide variety of cooperative extra terrestrial races including the Sirians, Pleiadians, and Arcturians just to name a few. They lived in the realm of group consciousness each understanding that their job, no matter how menial, was as equally vital to the survival of their civilization as the man or woman who became a priestess or prophet. Everything flowed in perfect harmony. Lemurian residents focused on their spirituality as well as the sciences of agriculture, botany, and the extra sensory sciences of claire abilities and psychokinesis. Meanwhile, Atlanteans studied quantum physics, energy, projection, and propulsion. Atlanteans and Lumerians alike exchanged information of their specialties between the two worlds as their thirst for knowledge was never quenched.

This was the way of life for the civilizations of the lost worlds until eventually the Atlanteans became more interested in what they could accomplish in the outside world rather than with their own ascension process. This led to practices such as keeping areas of scientific research secretive and the hybridization of species, creating what we refer to as 'creatures of myth'.

The Atlantean ego had over run their sense of spirit. They were now comfortable playing God. The Lemurian's saw what was happening and warned the Atlanteans again and again. However, their warnings fell on deaf ears. More unrest was to follow as scientists and priestesses could no longer agree on how Atlantis was to be ran, thus creating an all out civil war among the people. Everyone had stopped listening , stopped their cooperation, stopped their compassion until all that was left was a race for power. Eventually this led to the end of both Atlantis and Lemuria.

So the questions is why are an enormous amount of souls from the lost worlds incarnated, or being incarnated, into today's society? And why do they all seem to be coming to me?

To me the answer is simple -- history always repeats itself. Take a look at what is happening in our world on a political, scientific, and social level. I believe these souls have come back during this time to remember how these worlds were destroyed and to change the vibration so that history will not repeat itself. And why do they all seem to be coming to me? It's that old adage "Birds of a feather…" In Atlantis, I was a shapeshifting elemental record keeper from Arcturus under the direction of the councils led by Thoth. In this incarnation I came through the elemental and wise-on realms as a Mystic Elemental from Arcturus. Many of my brothers and sisters are awakening and it is an exciting time.

Our current political and social climate are the same as in Atlantean times. Politics and social status have become a game of power and wealth with no one disclosing their true motives. The more wealth and secrets you have, the more powerful you become. The ones in positions of power and elevated social status choose to bribe each other, and those they consider of lower social status, with ideals and possessions that they never intend to deliver. Although this is true for the United States, it is also true for the entire globe.

Science has come a long way and we are now to the point where we have started cloning, hybridizing, and using other avenues of genetic engineering in many species to experiment with the eventual goal being the manipulation human genes. We tell ourselves this is to find cures for diseases and genetic disorders but we also use it to manipulate what sex or eye color our unborn child will have. Is there anyone willing to put us in line when we have completely disregarded ethical code so that we may play God? Would anyone be the whistle blower on unethical practices this day in age? I would hope so, though, those that would are few and far between. The most recent generations have been brought up in a society of self preservation where it's far more beneficial to look the other way than to risk your entire career by bringing public attention to an ethical atrocity.

Many scientific research studies are currently being withheld from the public for financial reasons. Two examples of this are:

The study of alien propulsion engine systems as advances in this field would eliminate the need for fuel
The cures for many "incurable" diseases such as cancer and diabetes because pharmaceutical companies would be rendered obsolete

So, to those of you who feel like you've had a past life in any of these lost worlds I urge you to come together as we are meant to. Through the lessons we have painfully learned through the destruction of these civilizations we can teach humanity the importance of integrating ego with the spirit. It is our job to show them how to raise the vibration through love and compassion and ultimately change the course of history. Are you willing to answer the call? Will you rise to meet the challenge?

Love and Light,

I hope you enjoyed Allorah's post and video as much as I did. to find out more about Allorah and what she's about you can find her at the links below.

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