August 7, 2013

Mabon's Coming!!!!!

I know it's more than a month away but I am so excited that the next Sabbat is Mabon!!! You see Mabon is extra special to me in fact it's is my most sacred and favorite Sabbat, and I'd like to share with you the reasons why. 

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My Mabon story starts back in 2000, I was recently divorced and was at a point in my life where I was starting over and wanted to discover the parts of myself that I had to keep hidden for so long, one of those being my religious/spiritual beliefs. 
I knew for a long time that I had different views on religion and spiritually than my family and most of my friends, and I wanted to learn more about and explore that side of myself. I dove right in searching online, reading books and talking to a few close friends and I discovered that I was drawn to the path of being Pagan/Witch. Not long after this I decided to embark on a year and a day learning process, I did this on my own as I have always been a bit of a loaner.

I learned so much over that year, The Sabbats, Goddesses and Gods, correspondence and so on. As the end of my year and a day grew closer I had the most wonderful things going on, I had fallen in love and was getting married,celebrating my birthday and moving into a new house. I also was trying to decide how and when I would dedicate myself to my new path.
My Year and a day was over on Sept. 19th, to celebrate I got married to my best friend and then a few days later on Mabon I dedicated myself to walking to path of the Goddess & God. Since then Mabon has been my favorite Sabbat, I am so drawn to it, I can't explain how much it means to me. 
Every year on Mabon, my family and I have a feast of red beans & rice, with cornbread. We also make a lovely apple cake for dessert, and I do a small ritual. I truly do love Mabon, and can't wait for it's arrival.

Do you have a Sabbat that is special to you?




  1. That sounds like a great reason to love the holiday. Finding yourself, celebrating the end of a journey and the beginning of another... lovely.

    I really like All Hallow's Eve because you know I'm totally nuts about everything creepy, but my favorite holiday is Beltane. I'm a very sexual person, so when May Day comes, I feel extra free and well, extra me ;-)

    1. Samhain is my second fave holiday, it's the only time of year I can let all my witchiness hang out and not get weird looks from the neighbors :P

      After reading every bit of your writings that I can get my paws on and reading your blog for years, I can see that Beltane fits you perfectly :)