September 22, 2013

Blessed Mabon!!!

The sky is turning dark, there is a chill in the air, and once again Persephone has returned to her husband in the underworld.

Image from Google. If you know the artist please let me know so I can give full credit.

Today is the Autumn Eqinox/Mobon, it's the time of year to check your stock and prepare for the long cold winter, a time to rest, relax, and refelect on the past year, it's a time of balance. Today is also known as the Witches Thanksgiving, give thanks for your blessings, big or small. 

My plans are not massive for today, I have beans on cooking, and will be making a delicous apple cake this afternoon. I will be taking a lovely walk in the woods later(if the rain holds off). No matter how you plan on celebrating today, I hope you have a wonderful and blessed Mabon.

Many Blessings



  1. Yesterday, we spent the day playing outside. We'll do the cookery and eatery today!

    Hope your Autumn Equinox, and your meal were yummy!

    1. Most of my Equinox was great, until the ex brought my middle daughter home sick, spent this morning in the Dr's office; turns out she has an UTI.

      I hope you cookery & eatery is magical :)