October 20, 2013

Deliciously Dark Literature

Ok so after my last post was so dark and depressing, I decided to share a 2 of my Deliciously Dark Literary favorites with you. The first is a new love and the second is a long time love.

The first item has become an addiction compliments of our wonderful party host Magaly. Yes, I'm talking about "Thorn In Red" . I was drawn into this story from the first post, and week after week it became my literary drug; and Magaly just kept feeding my addiction in that wicked way she does. I have read it at least a dozen times and can't wait to see where the series will go next. 

Below is Magaly's description of this series and a list of the chapters...

Thorn in Red is an accidental web serial. 
I created a scene for a writing contest, and thought that it would be as far as I would go with the Thorn family. Then Mattalina Thorn gets a red dress hoodie… Someone she loves is knifed-up… Her mom and aunt might be missing… And when the seventeen-year-old goes searching for answers, she finds violence and blood instead. Mattalina also finds herself lips-to-lips with Bran Van Dyke…  
1. “Brownies, Brews and Blades”
2. “Thorn at the Story Cauldron”
3. “Tea with a Thorn”
4. “A Sock Full of Pennies”
5. “Kissing, Not Singing”
6. “Flashed Back”
7. “Shaken”
8. “Skin Deep”
9. “Full of Wooden Handle and Sharp Blade”
10. “By Blood and Word”
11. “Tears and Tales”
12. “Crimson in the Woods”
13. “Thorns and Steel”
14. “Wildwoods Cave”
15. “Blood, Blade and Butterscotch” (final installment in Vol. 1 of Story Crafters)
If you have not read it yet you are missing the most Darkly Delicious thing on the web.

The next item/person on my list is Lestat de Lioncourt. I first met Lestat some years ago, when I was gifted a book called "Interview With A Vampire". Lestat was so deliciously dark in that first meeting that I had to have more, so I continued to see him through book after book, over and over again; still to this day when the mood is right and I need something truly dark and oh so delicious I'll pick up one of his books and say hello. 

You can find Lestat in the following books

Interview With A Vampire
The Vampire Lestat
Queen Of The Damned
The Tale Of The Body Thief
Memnoch The Devil
Blackwood Farm
Blood Canticle 

Do you have a favorite darkly delicious piece of literature? 

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  1. Fiction writing is about bad things happening to good people. Stories where nothing bad happens are boring stories because bad is crappy in real life, but essential for a narrative. I share your love of Thorn in Red! It's been a real joy to read.

    1. It has been a joy to read and re-read!!

  2. I'm all giggles (and Mattalina and Bran are grinning, too). I'm almost over excited to share Thorn in Red as a book (with its extras) soon, very soon...

    I sooo need to read The Tale Of The Body Thief

  3. :) The Tale Of The Body Thief is the only one I don't own, I got it from the library. I'm looking forward to owning Thorn in Red, and reading more from the story crafters series