November 15, 2013

Her Tears Make Me Smile...

I used to worry that due my upbringing that I would not me a good mom, but today I have come to the reality that I just might be doing a good job after all.

Let me start with I don't normally discuss my views on politics, and I don't consider myself aligned with either party; I am independent with moderate conservative leanings. That being said, I am and have always been a huge follower of the Kennedy family, in particular JFK, Jackie and their children.  

Next week in the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination, so naturally the TV has a number of specials on the Kennedy's and the assassination. I was watching one such show with my oldest daughter today, and right towards the end they where talking about how much the nation lost that day, we where all changed forever; you know the normal stuff. I look over at my daughter and she is just balling, I mean huge tears rolling down her face; I ask her "Are you crying because the President died?" she says "NO!" really angrily and then said "All they keep talking about is what the nation lost and what the nation is going through; don't they know two children lost their dad?"

This image is not mine and I do not claim any rights to it.

My heart just swelled so big, I was in awe: this child whom I had carried, given birth to, and raised for the past 17 years had just shown more compassion and empathy for 2 children she had never met, then most adults I know have ever shown; it's like she was feeling their pain.

I knew at that moment I had done something right, I have been told so many times that I was wrong, or did something wrong that I had just accepted it as fact. But not this time, this time I know I did something right, in fact I did something perfect.

Not to leave them out my younger daughters (12 and 14) have very special things about them as well and they all make me proud, I'm one lucky Momma!!!


  1. I am very happy you had that moment with your child! May she pass the awesomeness forward ;-)

    1. I'm trying to hold on to every minute and every moment, she's going off the college next year and then after that I'm sure she'll pass on her awesomeness :-)