November 4, 2013

Really? What's Next?

The past few weeks have been so stressful, that the stress has literally exploded through my pores(acne).

I have dealt with my ailing mother(she has COPD) being in the hospital for a week with pneumonia, which all by itself is stressful. I had to get three daughters ready for Halloween, plan a party for my eldest 17th birthday, help out a friend with a haunted graveyard, and find time to celebrate Samhain; along with my normal day to day stuff.

With all that going on our AC went out, I know in most of the country is having nice fall weather, but along the Gulf Coast it's sometimes warm even in Dec. So we went a few days being mildly unconformable before it got fixed. Turns out a squirrel had chewed through a wire outside, so now I must deal with nutty squirrels. 

 I also had to deal with a cousin who thinks everything should be about her. Let me explain, she calls and tells me this long drawn out story and then ask my opinion. I start to give it to her and she jumps my shit, because I see both sides of the situation; she screams "Why can't you just ever take my side in things." I tried to explain that I don't work that way; I try and see all sides of a situation no matter who's involved. Well she was not hearing it and hung up on me. She does similar things all the time. 

Well this caused huge family drama because her mom lives with my mom, so it caused them to argue; something my mom did not need with just getting out of the hospital, which in return caused me stress because of my mom's failing health.

Then to top it all of I have to keep dealing with my ass-hat of a ex-husband, you would think after 13 years he would get on with his life and stay out of mine. 

As I sit here writing this with blood shot eyes (yes from crying) and looking hideous from being so broke out, I can't help but think things have to get better. So tonight after my hubby has gone to work and the girls are in bed asleep, I will be doing my part by taking a de-stressing and cleansing bath; then tomorrow while they are all out of the house I will be breaking out the sage and cleansing the entire house. I will leave the rest to the universe and her wisdom.

Sorry I ranted for so long, but thank you for listening.



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Shelly, I know you do and I hate that for you.

  2. Well all need to rant, every now and again. I was wondering why I hadn't heard much from you lately. Sorry your mom is ill. May her healing come quick. Don't pay attention to Cousin Drama.

    I hope things smooth out... soon!


    1. Thanks Magaly, I try very hard to ignore the drama from my family, that cousin in particular; but she's the type that thrives on it. My mom is batter from the pneumonia, but because of the severity of her COPD her health is declining more and more.