December 22, 2013

A Homemade Yule, Surprises, and a Give-A-Way

For the past 5 years I have belong to a special circle of women, traditionally every year on Yule we get together and exchange gifts that we made for each other. This year was much the same, good friends, food, and our gift exchange only this year my BF Laura had a few surprises for me.

As you can see these aren't all homemade...

Laura made us all beautiful boxes to keep our treasures in, "D" made us each beautiful yule ornaments, and Rae made us some very yummy cookies. I myself made everyone a hot back to warm their bones.

After the gift exchange Laura call me to the side and gives me an additional gift bag, it contained a beautiful butterfly ring, she also indulged my skeleton key fetish with a lovely lock and key necklace and earrings, then there was a very special surprise, a bracelet but not just any bracelet; I have been watching this little girl for a while at our local witchy shop, but did not have the funds to make her mine. Well Laura being the wonderful friend she is decided I must have her.

 Now I must tell you of an amazing read and Give-a-Way. First the amazing read is Magaly Guerrero's "Thorn In Red", this is an amazing story; it's full of adventure, blood, love, and butterscotch kisses, oh and did I mention blades and axes.

To celebrate the "Thorn In Red" release Magaly is doing an awesome Give-a-Way. to find out more head on over to her blog and give it a look. You can click on the image below to find Magaly's blog and info on the give-a-way.

Good luck and many blessing..... and READ THIS BOOK!!!

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