December 1, 2013

Happy December!!!

YAY!!! it's December, that means only 21 day's till Yule and 25 days till Christmas; are you excited Yet?

I know we are, with the cold weather it even feels like the holidays are coming. In honor of the upcoming festivities I will be decorating my blog as well as my house. I am so excited or the holidays, what will you be doing to welcome the season?


  1. Oh! Well, I'm late making my Christmas cake (that happens) and Christmas pudding (ditto) but I do have Christmas crackers, to bring a British Christmas to my American family. Today was Advent Sunday, so I lit a candle, too. When I really get into the swing of things, I will read A Christmas Carol aloud to Hubby. Yes, we're that cosy :)

    1. OK I have to ask what are Christmas crackers?

      I love reading aloud to my hubby, I love when the hubby reads aloud to me even more; makes or great cuddling time :)