December 5, 2013

Living Pagan in a Christian World

The Holidays are upon us once again, and that means putting up the Yule/Christmas tree, spending time with friends & family, cards, presents, yummy food, and STRESS!

In my home we celebrate the holidays as one big celebration, and we tend to leave religion out of it. I'm pagan, my husband is a non practicing Catholic who leans heavily towards being pagan, and our daughters have pretty much decided to walk the same path; our families on the other hand are very Christian.

I have come up with ways over the years to try and celebrate both Yule and Christmas and keep everyone happy, I did a post last year on the subject titled "Celebrating Pagan Holidays In A Christian World"

Though those are all good ideas and have worked to keep our families happy over the years, somehow I am left feeling let down by the lack of my spiritual side in my celebrations; so this year my goal is to incorporate more of myself and my beliefs into our celebrations.

Now I have to decide where to start, any suggestions?


  1. I realise this is completely off topic but where oh where did you get your snow widget? I've looked everywhere this year for a working one and I've had no luck!
    As for spirituality, Midwinter celebrations are always a delicious blend of darkness (Krampus, ghost stories, long nights) magic ( greenery in the home, candles, Lord of Misrule ) and pleasure (gifts, food, drink!). Repeating a tradition seems to help. If you have a hearth, you could start a yule log, where the last remnant of this year's is used to light next year's in a cycle of continuity. Any use?

    1. Yeah took be a while to find a decent snow code as well so I'll share :)
      -Take out the space before the word script in both places-
      < script type="text/javascript" src="">
      < /script>

      Yes your ideas are a great help, thank you so much.

  2. You know me. I try to share traditions and do things that make sense to me. Which means that our celebrations are rather colorful ;-D