December 13, 2013

Oops, sorry.....

I am so sorry for all the changes on here the past few days, I thought I liked the green/orange theme I made but, I just could not live with it, it was to bright. I really like the calming colors I have chosen for the current theme.

I hope you like the new theme I came up with, not sure if I'll be adding a background yet or not.

Have a great weekend, only a week till Yule..... are you ready?


  1. If you apologize for doing what you like with your house, I will have to fly there and beat you (lovingly *cough, cough*) until you see that those who matter won't mind and the ones who might mind shouldn't matter. This is your cyber-home, we should just be happy to be allowed in it.

    Have fun with the colors. I promise to continue changing my blog until no one (not even me) remembers what it looked like once upon a time. LOL

    1. Thank you Magaly, I've had a shaky couple of days and I'm trying to come out of it now and I needed that!!!!!

  2. This is your blog. YOUR blog. You can make it any colour you like, as often as you like. In fact, you should do that. As often as you want. Colour is to be played with.