December 26, 2014

Ash-Lynn, Where have you been...

The past month has been boarding on chaotic in our house hold; first myself and the hubby went through a bout of bronchitis from hell (I still have a cough a month later), then I developed a mysterious allergic reaction that caused hives and my face and throat to swell and was put in the hospital for three days.

Shortly after that our beloved cat Dusty, whom we have had for 16+ years fell ill and passed away.

Our Beautiful Dusty, we will miss her always.

Ok back to the mystery allergic reaction; we found out what I am allergic too, turns out it is the medicine I'm on for my diabetic neuropathy. I have been of of it for a month today and I my feet and legs are killing me, I hope to see the doctor after the first of the year so we can decide what medicine/s I can take safely to help with this pain.

I am going to try and post a bit more after the New Year I hope all of you have had a Blessed Holiday and have a Happy New Year!!!


November 2, 2014

Blooming Howls & Conjured Kisses

I'd like to start by saying thank you for all your thoughts and well wishes for my mom, she came home from the hospital today and is resting the best she can; our next step is agreeing on an in home nurse to be with her when one of us can't be and getting all her doctors on the same page; YAY!!

Now onto the fun...

In a few weeks we will be blessed by new writings from that awesomely wicked writer, of course I'm speaking of our darling Magaly Guerrero and her new book Blooming Howls. I'm looking forward to it and I hope you are too!!!

Speaking of Blooming Howls...

During Magaly's "Crafting Blooming Howls" blog party I was lucky enough to win one of the many giveaways. I was so very happy to when the following yumminess from Alchemy & Ashes...

I have been using both this amazing soap and lip balm since they arrived and I have to say I'm in love!!! My skin feels amazing and smells so yummy; if you have not visited Alchemy & Ashes yet, then start clicking and get over there.

Well I'm off to dream sweet dreams, blessings to you all.


November 1, 2014

Poppet Love and A Giveaway Winner

I have fallen in love with making poppets; not as in love as I am with my hubby or with my crystals, but still in love. The first poppet I made was a small red poppet with a backpack on it for my oldest daughter, he was made to help her make it through a tough year in math; that was 5 years ago and he still resides in her backpack and I'm guessing he'll be going to college with her in the fall.

I know he's not perfect and he's definitely showing his years, but she loves him and he does his job. 

It has been a few years in between poppets, life happened and a lot of stuff got put on the back burner including my plans for my poppets. I have toyed with the idea of making and selling them for a while now, but I don't know if anyone would be interested in buying them, so I'm going to put a poll in the right sidebar to see if anyone would be interested.

My little giveaway friend and her buddies 

Now on the giveaway..... I think for my first giveaway the number of entrants was perfect, there was a total of 13 people who entered; I love the number 13 :-)

And the Winner is.....


Please send me your mailing information at

I hope all of you had a blessed Samhain, I know we did.

Congrats Debi and Blessings to all


October 31, 2014

Giveaway + Life Updates

Guys I just want you to know that I have not forgotten about the giveaway, I just have a lot going on right now. My mother is back in the hospital again, she is not only having issues do to her COPD she is now having symptoms of dementia.

In the morning they are taking her down to do a minor surgery to insert a venous port so they won't have to keep torturing her trying to put IV's in her. They are also scheduling some test to try and determine the extent of her dementia and it's cause.

This week we also celebrated my oldest daughters 18th birthday and will be going to a friends to celebrate Samhain tomorrow.

My life is crazy right now, but I have not forgotten about the giveaway and I will do my best to make sure the drawing on the 1st.

I hope all of you enjoy and have a blessed and wicked Samhain/Halloween!!!


October 17, 2014

Witches in Fiction 2014… Crafting Blooming Howls & a Giveaway!!!

I'm so excited the day has finally arrived, that's right it;s time for Witches in Fiction 2014… Crafting Blooming Howls. I am so excited to see what my fellow partiers have come up with and I can't wait to share my creation with you.

I decided to make a Samhain/Halloween poppet,

She of course has wild unkempt hair, of course I went with the colors of orange purple and black. She has three cute little skulls attached to her belt and encase she is used for magical purposes I made a slit/pocket in the back to add whatever ingredients you might fancy.

Now for you Chance to win this wild lady.

Mandatory Entry...

Leave me a comment telling me what special thing you will be doing to celebrate Samhain/Halloween.

Extra Entries...

  1. Share this post on Facebook.(must leave link to where you shared it)
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  3. Follow this blog.
  4. Go to Magaly Guerrero's Pagan Culture and be a dear and follow her.
The Rules & Details 

1. I have to be able to contact the winner so please leave your email address in you comment, if you don't wish to make your email public you can email it to me at

2. You can put all your entries in one post.

3. Do to shipping cost the giveaway is open to US residents only (sorry, in the future I hope to be able to open my giveaways to everyone)

4. This giveaway will run through October 31, 2014, the winner will be drawn on Nov. 1st via

I hope you all have a wickedly wonderful time exploring the blogs of the other party goers, I'm off to visit some now.



October 6, 2014

Updates and Blooming Howls

I have not been posting as much as I had planned, but life has grabbed me and is holding on tight. I have been swept up into senior fever; I had no clue how hectic my oldest daughters senior year would be. Between senior meetings, filing scholarship applications, and ordering this and that. If that weren't enough, I have been trying to study, plan the her 18th birthday party running back and forth to doctors because all three girls came down with  nasty respiratory infections. I'm one tired witch; no rest for the wicked I guess.

Oh before I forget, Happy October!!! Don't forget what October means, nice cool weather, pumpkin everything, trick-or-treating, and most importantly it's time for...

Magaly is braving health issues to make sure we all have a wickedly wild October, there are several give-a-ways up already and there will be more to come leading up to the big day on the 17th. so hurry over and check them out.

Moon Greeting Cards and 100 Wicked Little Witch Stories Giveaway

I have a favor to ask, while your checking out what Magaly has to offer over at Pagan Culture, leave her some positive thoughts and healing energies or prayers. Magaly gives so much of herself to this wonderful community I think we can all give a little back to her so we can keep that wicked grin on her face :-)




September 22, 2014

Mabon Blessings!!!

I hope today and your entire Autumn is blessed and magical!!!


September 19, 2014

Sacred, Soulful, Sexy September... Take 2


My September has not gone quite the way it was supposed to, but it hasn't been all bad either. As you know at the end of last month I decided it was time to embrace and listen to guides as well as my inner self; I decided I was going to school to become a Certified Crystal Healer, and thanks to some wonderful souls I am closer to achieving that dream, it may take me a little longer than I want but I will make this dream a reality.  

Sacred & Sexy...

As many of you know my birthday & anniversary are this month as well (yesterday & today) and I had big plans for both; well none of those plans go to happen, because they changed my husbands schedule at the last minute and he has had to work both days.

He made up for it when he got home last night/early this morning with the most wonderfully beautiful card that made me cry and then (I'll try and keep the PG LOL) he made bed time amazing and all about me; I still haven't quit smiling. Then today I get to packages with wonderful surprises inside.

The packages contained this beautiful Selenite wand and a beautiful Fluorite wand, he said he wanted to get me something that I could use now and in my future practice. Do I have a wonderful husband or what?


And for the sweetness my oldest witchlett brought home a gift for me today that she handmade for my birthday, I know it may seem simple, but I love and think I'll call her Sweetie Pie :-)

Now it's time to get ready for Mabon and some nice Fall weather, I hope all of you have an amazing weekend mine will be full of love and football and maybe a smidgen of yard work.

Many Blessings



August 31, 2014

Sacred, Soulful, Sexy September!!!

It only took nine months but it's finally here... September (ok it will be here tomorrow, but I couldn't wait).

I know for most people in the Pagan community October/Samhain/Halloween is their favorite time of the year, and for good reason, it's a highly magical time. For me however that time of year is the entire month of September, for some reason all my Sacred, Soulful, Sexy life moments happen in September.

Let's start with September is my birthday month, I'll proudly be turning 41 this year and for the first time in a long time I'm looking forward to what the next year and beyond that holds for my life.

Next up is I married my best friend and soul-mate in September, we both had to walk different paths in life until fate sent us down the same path and we found each other, and it must be said he came into my life right when I needed him most. I am super excited about this years anniversary because we are celebrating 13 years and I love the number 13 or me it's a lucky number. I'm hoping to do a super sexy dinner for him this year and have my eye on a book or two he wants.

I also share my birthday month with some awesomely Wicked Women, first I share my birthday with the lovely Lorelei Eliora, and we share the month with Lenora Henson and Joanna DeVoe, Happy Birth Month ladies I hope your month is as magical as mine.

Last up on my month of celebration is Mabon or the Autumn Equinox. the thing that makes mabon extra special for me is 14 years ago I was drawn to September and Mabon to dedicate myself to walking my Witchy path.

To celebrate this magical month, I will be sharing some magical moments from my life as well as some yummy recipes and maybe a lil something extra towards the end of the month. I hope you all have a wonderful month and a wickedly good time too!!!



August 29, 2014

An Exciting Time Full Of Changes!!!

The past week has been full of excitement for me, and that excitement has led to some big decisions being made; those decisions are leading to big changes for me.

The first big change is at 41 years old I'm going back to school!!! Let me explain; I have been passionate about crystal healing and for that matter all things concerning holistic healing, I have toyed with the idea of becoming a Certified Crystal Healer; I have also had to deal with most of the people in my life putting me down and telling me what I can't do, so I have been hesitant about getting my certification.

This Image was found on Google

Getting certified has been weighing on me a lot lately so I decided to talk to my husband about it and express my passion about it; to my surprise(I don't know why I was surprised) told me if that's what I wanted to do then I should do it.

So I found a great school and teacher(both are certified and accredited), the only problem is the cost; I have 3 teenage daughters one of which is a senior this year and that cost a ton of money and as much as I want to be selfish and use and extra money on myself, my daughters have always and will always come first. So I decided to ask for help and started a Go Fund Me campaign.

I feel really awkward doing this, I don't like feeling like a beggar, but I truly want to become certified and take that certification and help others.

That leads to the second part of the big changes. My best friend "L" approached me and ask if I wanted to start a holistic wellness center with her. I was like "ok this is weird" I explained to her about my conversation with my hubby and what my plans were; We both agreed that it was meant to be.

This is extremely important to me, I did not finish high school, and have been put down or that my entire adult life. So I not only want to do this for myself but to prove to my daughters that if you put your mind to it you can do anything no matter what others think or say.

If you can help that's great, if not I understand and all I ask is you share this link with others,

Many Blessings


August 19, 2014

Fun, Surprises, and Pain

The past week (Mon.-Mon.) has been a mixed bag for me; it started out awesomely because my best friend came home from her yearly trip to Sturgis. For those who don't know what Sturgis it's a week long bike rally in the city/town of Sturgis, SD. and it rocks!

As I was saying my bestie just got home from her trip and as she always does brought me lots of goodies and I want to share them with you.

In this pic we have a Sturgis 2014 shirt, earrings, and a few of the many natural stones from right off the ground. 
These are other stones she brought home, there is Rhodochrosite, Blue Kyanite, Turquoise, and a beautiful Rose Quartz Pendent.

Of all The pretties my favorites are the butterfly earrings and the stone below.

She knows I have a thing for butterflies and she keeps me well supplied :-)
I think this beauty speaks for its self, not 100% sure what it is yet, but I can tell you its energy is off the charts!
After all the fun and excitement of her being home, we got back to our regular gym routine; we go everyday, Monday - Friday. Then I got a big surprise on Friday; the hubby and I would be witchlett free for the entire weekend (this is very rare for us), and we decided to make the most of it and do stuff that we don't normally get to do. 

We decided to go to the Flea market and look for treasures, but, as my luck normally goes, what started off as fun ended in pain. Yep, I said pain. As we were walking, my left foot started hurting; and the more we walked, the pain just got worse. So we called it a day, and for that matter, a wrap on our weekend. We spent the rest of the weekend at home with my foot on ice until I could see the doctor on Monday. 

Well, after seeing the doctor and having x-rays done, the one thing I know for sure is that it's not broken, which is good, but we still don't know exactly what's wrong with it. He said it's either arthritis or fasciitis; either way, I'm not to use the foot for a week and use anti-inflammatory meds.

My foot doing nothing and being bored LOL

I do have to say, the bright side of this doing nothing thing is the wonderful gift Magaly of Pagan Culture gave me, or should I say gave us :-)

Yep! Witches in Fiction is back, and yes I will be participating again this year; for all the fun and details, check out Magaly's blog by clicking the pic above or the button in my side bar.

Now, I must be off to think of some crafty ideas for this year.....


July 13, 2014

Returning To Nature and To Natural Living

A little over a year ago I was living a very natural life; the only medication that went into my body where only the ones I needed to control my diabetes. All of my health and beauty products where all natural and made by me; if I had any aches or pains, I used herbs for them.

I was also eating extremely healthy; but then life happened. I had a setback with my health, and then, for one reason or another, I just let it go. I fell back into my bad habits, and ever since, I have felt like crap.

But now, I have decided it's time for a change; it's time that I let nature be my friend again. I will be starting slowly as to not shock my system. I will be going over my plan with my doctor when I go for my vampire(I hate blood work) checkup in a week, he was on board with everything last time, so I should be good to go.

In the meantime, I'll be starting with my outsides; starting tonight, I'll be going "No Poo" (or no shampoo) yet again. I had great results last time, and I'm anticipating them this time as well.

I'll also be eating a healthier diet and, I'll continue going to the gym 5 days a week, as ordered by my heart doctor. I'm hoping by making these changes I'll get back where I was or even better. I'm hoping for an over all balance of self.



July 2, 2014

Crafting My Own Happiness...

As you know in my last post I told you about my plan(via my hubbies suggestion) to channel my emotions into something positive. Well I decided  to do that through both forms of crafting, the artsy & witchy kind.

I started this new form of therapy with a combination of both crafts :-). I have been wanting to try my hand at poppet making for a while, so that's what I am attempting to do. So far I have made 2 of them.

These are my Lil Poppet Pals, the one on the right is Mr. Blue, when I started making him with no particular intent; by the time he was finished he had the name Mr. Blue, and his job, function, intent is to remind me to not go back to that dark place.

The one on the left is my little goth cutie, she has no real specific intent and no name at this point. I know they're not perfect, but I enjoyed making them, and they make me smile.

I would like to take a minute to say thank you to all of you or your support, you are all amazing people.

Lots of Light and Happiness to you all.


June 28, 2014

Channeling My (Wacky) Emotions Into Something Positive...

Ok so if you've been reading me a while you know the emotional strife I have in my life do to many of my family members; most recently my mother and her health.

Well all those emotions came to a head this week after one of our closest friends lost his mom to the same evil disease that has my mother in it's grips. Oddly enough she passed on the 21st the same day I made the post about my mom. Needless to say the funeral was more than difficult. Afterwords I went slightly crazy; I literally had every range of emotion possible, I have laughed, cried, screamed, went silent, and slept most of Thursday.

Luckily for me I have a wonderful husband who snapped me back to reality. He held me and we talked for hours; I told him about all the different emotions I'm having over my mom, the love, the hate, the knowing I'll never have closer over my childhood abuse. He just let me talk and get it all out, then he told me the most wonderful thing.....

Don't Let These Emotions Keep Eating At You, Channel Then Into Something Positive!

So that's my plan!!! I have had so much going on the past year that I have neglected my crafting & my witchcrafting, so I'm making a list of crafts and craft supplies. I am also working on ways to get back to being my happy kitchen witchy self, starting with fixing up my kitchen alter and to really get back in my kitchen and cook, bake, and making my homemade goodies(soaps, oils, brews).

have not changed it in months :(
I am really going to work hard to shake off this funk and get back to being me, so do me a favor if you see me getting back into that funk, kick my butt please and remind me who I am...

A well read Southern Belle  wife, mommy, friend, and Witch with(from time to time) a dark twist, oh and a Wicked since of humor.

Thanks again for reading my wackiness :-)


June 21, 2014

Celebrating The Solstice With Mixed Emotions...

Blessed Litha; may the Sun shine down and fill you with love and warmth throughout the summer and beyond.

As I sit here writing this I am a mix of emotions; I'm excited or the solstice and I am definitely feeling the energy of Summer and all that it brings with it. It's an exciting time, my girls are out of school, the water of the gulf is warm, and I am changing and growing(spiritually) everyday.

So with all this excitement and energy why is my stomach in knots? Why do I cry at the drop of a dime? Because my world is turning upside down, I'm close to losing my mom. Why am I telling you this? I hope to prevent any child from suffering the way I am right now.

My mother has been in and out of the hospital 3 times in the past 2 months all in the ICU, the last visit on a Ventilator for 4 days. You see my mom has COPD and she has it from smoking for 40 years, the last 17 after she found out she was sick.

During this last visit we found out she is stage 4 or end stage, I know my time with her is short and I am angry about that, I'm angry at her for every picking up that first cigarette, I'm angry that after quitting for more than five years she picked up another one, I'm angry that she won't see my beautiful daughters or there cousins graduate from high school, I'm angry that she's only 57 years old and may not even make it to 58 next month.

I know this is wrong to say but as much as I love her, I hate her at the same time. No child or grandchild for that matter should ever have to watch as their parent struggles to breath, when it could have been prevented. Her smoking aside I have childhood issues(some of you know what I'm speaking of) that I can never resolve with her, because she can't have stress(it could kill her).

I want to hold her in my arms and tell her it's ok I love you, we're alright; but I can't, and that make me angry because I really need to be that person for her right now, and all I can think about is "Why, Why did you have to smoke, Why were you so selfish to put that poison in your body and take yourself away from us"

So what's a girls to do? Well this girl being the eldest child will do what she always does; she'll tuck away the anger and pain, she'll be there for her brothers who sadly aren't as strong as they think they are, she'll do what's expected of her, and then once she's alone, well I don't know what will happen then and I really don't want to think about it right now.

Now at this moment I do have a huge favor of you, If you smoke please STOP right now, I know it's a hard thing to do, but trust me nothing is harder than watching a parent die because they didn't quit. DON'T do that to you children or other loved ones, it's really not worth it.

I'm sorry this went so long, but I thank you for letting me get some of this out of my system, even if it was just for a little while.



June 13, 2014

A Full Moon on Friday The 13th!!!!!

How much better does it get than that......

It took some begging and maybe I even wined a little but the Goddess finally peeked out from behind the clouds so my daughter and I could soak her in.

We enjoyed our time with her, then she had to go back behind her cloudy fortress. I hope all you have had a wonderful and magical Friday The 13th - Full Moon day/night. Whether you can see her or not tonight I know the Goddess is wrapping you all up in her loving glow.

Many Blessings


May 25, 2014

Bad Witch? Good Witch? Witch am I? Witch are You?

This past week Adelina Soto Thomas of Mid-Stride Moxie, made a post about being told she was or being called a "bad pagan"; when I read this I was speechless. I was not the only one taken aback by this; the wonderfully wicked write Magaly also took to her blog and ask her readers "what would you say makes a good/bad Witch, Pagan, human being…?"

Image found on Pintrest and Google.

After reading both of these wonderful ladies post I needed a few days to think about how I would answer this. I decided to start my response with a snippet from a post I did back in 2012 titled "What Is A Witch?"
Witch - noun~1. a person, now especially a woman, who professes or is supposed to practice magic, especially black magic or the black art; sorceress.
2. an ugly or mean old woman; hag. 
As I said in my original post, both of those definitions offend me, and those definitions are why my answer to "are you a good witch or a bad witch?" is neither I am simply a witch and I decided to become a Pagan/Witch to get away from the stupidity of organized religion. Stupidity such as when and how I should practice my religion, what I should and should not wear, or my favorite putting down other for not practicing the way we do.

So am I good or bad?

I don't always have time to celebrate each and every Sabbat, nor do always have a permanent altar set up; Bad Witch.

I love nature and hold it in very high regard, I love to be in my yard planting and tending to my plants; Good Witch.

I do not follow "harm none" to the letter; Bad Witch?

On the other hand I have never set out to harm anyone, but I will protect and defend my family and friends with a fierceness that only a few have seen; Good Witch?

I do not think there are Good Witch's or Bad Witch's there are just Witches. We seek to walk our own path, do our own thing, talk with the Goddess and/or God in whatever way we choose, we choose to be ourselves. So all of you out there the next time you're told that you are good or bad for what you do or don't do, tell them I am neither good nor bad I am simply ME.

And to those of you out there judging others on what they do or don't do, I recommend that you take a good long look in the mirror and ask yourself "what's missing in my life that's making me so board that I have to put my nose in others peoples business?" I sure when you find what's missing in your life you'll quit finding faults in other peoples lives and enjoy living your own.

Many Blessings


April 20, 2014

Life's A Beach

Or at least it was for us this weekend...

This weekend we decided to drive down to the Gulf Of Mexico (about a 45min drive), and spend the day having some fun.

There is nothing more magical then sticking you toes in the surf.

Except for maybe finding a starfish right in front of you!!
Took some coaxing to get the youngest out of her shoes; but once we did, she had a blast.

Still to cold to swim, but we had fun looking for shells.

We finished our day with this beautiful Sunset!!!
With all we have going on this time away is just what we needed, to just let everything go and just re-energize ourselves. I hope all of you had a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.


April 8, 2014

Stress, Health, and Some Goodies...

OK so yeah I've been a little MIA the last few weeks, well not totally if you follow me on FB; I have been kinda lurking there.

I have had a lot way to much stress and personal drama going on lately, as well as dealing with health issues. At this time, I can't go into the personal issues, but rest assured it does not involve my marriage or my Witchletts. I would like to tell the amazing Wicked lady who helped me with this, Thank you; you know who you are and your an amazing person and friend.

In fact my oldest Witchlett just went to her Jr. prom; she looked beautiful, and I had so much fun doing her hair and getting her all dressed up (yes I cried).

Health crap Issues...

I have also been dealing with my ongoing diabetes and heart issues. My diabetes is well under control, thanks to the icky meds I must take. My heart is a different issue, I have something called Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia; all that means is for no known reason my heart likes to beat faster than the average heart. A normal heart beats at 60-100 beats per minute, mine on the other hand rarely goes below 116 bpm and has gone as high as 158 bpm.

I went for my check up today and I was very scared that my doctor was going to want to do a cardiac oblation procedure, but he told me today that that would not fix the problem; then he ordered me to start a strict exercise routine at the gym associated with his office and the hospital; apparently walking and exercising at least 30min a day will help regulate my heart along with the new medicine he put me on. So all this new fun starts tomorrow.
Tomorrow my pink shoelaces and I will start our gym adventure.
Now for the goodies...

I went to my favorite witchy shop today just to kill some time before my Dr's appt. and found some beautiful stones; two amazing Fluorites, a beautiful Sodalite, and a lovely piece of Amber. I have to admit that I am in love with the bigger o the two Fluorites, I took a few pictures but they don't do them justice. but I want to show them off anyway.
I added the quarter to show you there size.

Well I guess I have babbled enough; I hope you're having a great week, many blessings to you all.

March 20, 2014

Spring Has Sprung!!!

Today is the first day of Spring, some may say it's the Spring Equinox and here in the Pagan/Witchy world we say Ostara; whatever you want to call it it means Spring is here!

My day started with a fabulous Spring forecast.

My daughter decided to get our dog in our fun

Since the Hubs had to work today, after school the girls and I did mani/pedis 

We also made a yummy dinner of chicken, loaded baked potatoes, baked beans, and of course deviled eggs.

I hope all of you have enjoyed the first day of Spring, may the rest of your Spring be blessed and full of sunshine.

Many Blessings


March 16, 2014

Ramblings of a strange soul

I wrote this a few years ago, and it fits my mood and train o thought right now; so I thought I'd share it with you.

Ramblings of a strange soul 

My world is spinning.

My mind is dizzy.

Confusion overwhelms me.

Fear consumes me.

Your love surrounds me.

These thoughts confound me.

My ups are down

My lost is found.

ALE 10/18/2011

March 6, 2014

Through The Darkness, The Sun Shines Through

Whoever said beware the Ides of March, should have said beware the whole damn month of March! You see withe the exception of one spectacular day in the entire month, March hates me and I don't think to kindly of it either.

You see the month of March has taken some very precious things from me; it has taken my daddy, a brother, a cousin, an uncle and several friends. March has taken so much from me, that towards the end of February I start to have anxiety attacks over it; some days I don't even want to get out of bed.

I light a candle daily in March in the memory of those I have lost
Thankfully the Universe knew what March had in store for me, and gave me something to look forward to in March every year. You see 12 years ago in March I became a mommy for the third time, and I didn't just give birth to any baby; this little girl is pure magic. 

This is a pic from when she was about 5yrs old
It does not matter how much rain is pouring down in my life all she has to do is walk in the room with that magical smile of hers, and the clouds part and the sunshine just streams in. It is impossible for me to be any type of sad when she is around, in fact no one can.

For all the loss and grief that March has givin me, I'm so thankful and blessed to have this angel in my life to help me get through this tough month and so much more.

February 27, 2014

Headaches, Heartaches, and Dreams...

OK, so my respiratory infection is history, wish I could say they same for my spinal headaches; but hey they are being managed pretty well and that's a good thing.

Image found on Google+
I want to talk about something that means a lot to me. Tonight as I was helping my daughter type up her Black History project I was overcome by emotions of every kind from sadness to pride and even rage. My daughter chose to do her project on Medger Evers, for those who don't know he was a civil right activist who was gunned down in his driveway, while his wife and 3 small children were inside.

It took 30 years to bring the slime who did this to justice, and that's where my emotions come in to play. I am saddened to the point of tears that all this man wanted was for his children to grow up in a world where they are treated like everyone else and a coward shot him in the back or this.

I have great pride in the fact that the white DA chose to take this case to trial despite all the time that had passed, numerous death threats against he and his family, and even his wife leaving him. I have pride in the fact that I have raised my daughters to be blind. Blind to race, blind to religion, blind to sexual orientation and keep there eyes open to love.

And then there's rage, and I have a ton of it. I have rage towards the ass clowns in Arizona who call themselves loving Christians and show such hate at the same time. I have rage towards the person who had the gall to ask dear sweet Magaly for help, and then ask her if that help would be attached to her Pagan stuff. I have rage towards the ignorant people out there including my asshat ex-husband who has the nerve to use the "N" word in very derogatory ways aimed aimed at my friends and neighbors.

But, as Dr. King said I have a Dream. I dream of a day when my daughter can marry who she chooses not who the government says she can. I dream that one day there will be no racist left on this or any other planet. I dream of being able to walk out into my yard and and screaming "Hey world I'm a Witch" and not being afraid of the consequences. I know that if we continue to raise our children to be blind to hate that these dreams will come true and we will live in a better world. I'd like to leave you with a quote from Medgar Evers...

“Hate is a wasteful emotion, most of the people you hate don't know you hate them and the rest don't care.”
― Medgar Evers

February 18, 2014

Quick Update - I'm Not Dead...

I just feel like it :(

For the past week and a half, I have been battling a nasty respiratory infection that's really trying to kick my butt. I have been taking antibiotics, drinking lots of liquids, and resting; I have four days left on my antibiotics, and I'm starting to feel human again; well, almost human, anyway.

I have not been posting a lot, but I have been reading some of my favorite blogs and FB post/pages as well; some of what I read has made me sad and proud at the same time. I want to address this, but I'll save it for a later post when I'm feeling better. Until then, I will leave you with great inspiration from one of my all time favorite singers and these words of wisdom from my soul.

Under the skin we are all the same, so before you start judging others for who or what they are, peel back a few layers and examine yourself first.

Ladies & Gentlemen I give you Mr. John Lennon......

February 4, 2014

Good Books and a Snow Storm

WOW! It's February already? Where did January go?

Well, I know where part of mine went: exploring and not just anywhere but I was exploring through books. I have been spending time in Bad Ass and Ankh-Morpork with Granny Weatherwax, while rereading Equal Rights by Terry Pratchett; I have also been wickedly evil with Lestat and Louis while rereading Interview With A Vampire by Ann Rice. I have also started a new book that I am loving so far, Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman I have to say, so far Fat Charlie and Spider are quite a pair; I am looking forward to finishing this adventure with them.

Of course we spent last week having very unusual weather for the Gulf Coast, I'm talking about the snow and ice from winter storm Leon. We had loads of fun but, I'm glad we don't have weather like this all the time.

We live 15min from the Gulf Of Mexico, and we had snow. 

This little bird had fun in the snow
My dog on the other had was not sure what to think of the cold wet stuff
 I hope all of you had a great January and that your February started out wonderfully and I hope your month is blessed.

Bright Blessings


January 16, 2014

Butterscotch Kisses are Worth The Wait!!!

So way back on the 8th(wink-wink), I told you about my winning a necklace in a give-a-way from the magnificent Magaly over at Pagan Culture, made by the very talented Eliora. Just to remind you, the necklace was inspired by a gift that Mattalina received from Bran in Magaly's awesome book Thorn In Red.

I went out to mailbox today and found this...

This is what I found inside...

And this beauty was inside the cute box...

My photo doesn't do this beautiful creation justice; it's simply magnificent, and that butterscotch colored bead is simply delicious. Thank you Magaly & Eliora, I am honored to be its owner,