February 18, 2014

Quick Update - I'm Not Dead...

I just feel like it :(

For the past week and a half, I have been battling a nasty respiratory infection that's really trying to kick my butt. I have been taking antibiotics, drinking lots of liquids, and resting; I have four days left on my antibiotics, and I'm starting to feel human again; well, almost human, anyway.

I have not been posting a lot, but I have been reading some of my favorite blogs and FB post/pages as well; some of what I read has made me sad and proud at the same time. I want to address this, but I'll save it for a later post when I'm feeling better. Until then, I will leave you with great inspiration from one of my all time favorite singers and these words of wisdom from my soul.

Under the skin we are all the same, so before you start judging others for who or what they are, peel back a few layers and examine yourself first.

Ladies & Gentlemen I give you Mr. John Lennon......

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  1. We are being teased with nearly normal temps , so Get Yourself back to as normal as you wish to be! Nice to visit! xoDebi