August 31, 2014

Sacred, Soulful, Sexy September!!!

It only took nine months but it's finally here... September (ok it will be here tomorrow, but I couldn't wait).

I know for most people in the Pagan community October/Samhain/Halloween is their favorite time of the year, and for good reason, it's a highly magical time. For me however that time of year is the entire month of September, for some reason all my Sacred, Soulful, Sexy life moments happen in September.

Let's start with September is my birthday month, I'll proudly be turning 41 this year and for the first time in a long time I'm looking forward to what the next year and beyond that holds for my life.

Next up is I married my best friend and soul-mate in September, we both had to walk different paths in life until fate sent us down the same path and we found each other, and it must be said he came into my life right when I needed him most. I am super excited about this years anniversary because we are celebrating 13 years and I love the number 13 or me it's a lucky number. I'm hoping to do a super sexy dinner for him this year and have my eye on a book or two he wants.

I also share my birthday month with some awesomely Wicked Women, first I share my birthday with the lovely Lorelei Eliora, and we share the month with Lenora Henson and Joanna DeVoe, Happy Birth Month ladies I hope your month is as magical as mine.

Last up on my month of celebration is Mabon or the Autumn Equinox. the thing that makes mabon extra special for me is 14 years ago I was drawn to September and Mabon to dedicate myself to walking my Witchy path.

To celebrate this magical month, I will be sharing some magical moments from my life as well as some yummy recipes and maybe a lil something extra towards the end of the month. I hope you all have a wonderful month and a wickedly good time too!!!




  1. HAPPY BiRTHDAY MONTH! May it be Sacred, Soulful & All Kindsa Sexy -xo

  2. Party! Celebrate ! Till 2015, xoxoDebi

  3. Happy birthday month, dear one. PM your address, I have something I've been saving for you. ;-)