December 26, 2014

Ash-Lynn, Where have you been...

The past month has been boarding on chaotic in our house hold; first myself and the hubby went through a bout of bronchitis from hell (I still have a cough a month later), then I developed a mysterious allergic reaction that caused hives and my face and throat to swell and was put in the hospital for three days.

Shortly after that our beloved cat Dusty, whom we have had for 16+ years fell ill and passed away.

Our Beautiful Dusty, we will miss her always.

Ok back to the mystery allergic reaction; we found out what I am allergic too, turns out it is the medicine I'm on for my diabetic neuropathy. I have been of of it for a month today and I my feet and legs are killing me, I hope to see the doctor after the first of the year so we can decide what medicine/s I can take safely to help with this pain.

I am going to try and post a bit more after the New Year I hope all of you have had a Blessed Holiday and have a Happy New Year!!!