January 21, 2015

Happy Feet and Wonderful Surprises!!!

If you read my blog or follow me on facebook, you know I have been in a battle of wills with my feet, due to my diabetic neuropathy. If you haven't I give you a a quick run down.

  • Developed neuropathy in mid/late 2013, was put on a medication for it.
  • The medicine worked great and probably still would be...
  • Developed a life threatening (and itchy) allergic reaction to my medication in Nov. 2014
  • Have been in pain with no medication since Nov. 2014
Ok so that where things have stood for the past few months not because there was no other option, but because I was scared of the option. That being said I gave in almost 2 weeks ago and called the doctor and told him I could not stand the pain anymore I would take the one medication I have been avoiding for over a year... Lyrica; I have been taking it for just over a week now and my feet are so happy they could dance, there are a few side effects (mostly sleepiness and dizziness) but those are getting better and I am starting to feel like me again :-).

Now for my wonderful surprise, I was blessed to be the winner of Eliora's giveaway for January 2014; my beautiful prize arrived today and it is better that expected.

When I opened this beautiful box, not only were the brilliant stones I won inside but sneaky Lori added a surprise to the box. 

I was completely blown away and am still in awe of all of my new pretties. Thank you so much Lori I love all of my stones and I am in love with the box, you my friend are a crafting goddess and I bow down to you.  

With Imbolc just a few weeks away I hope to squeeze in a few post on it and maybe a few other fun things along the way.

Blessings My Friends


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  1. I LOVE the tone of this post. I can hear the happiness in the words. I'm glad you decided to try to meds and that they are working. I'm sailing a similar boat: my doctor gave me new meds and they are working enough that I'm exercising again. Just a bit, but a bit at a time will take the body places, right?

    I adore your winnings. Lori knows how to rock a world!

    So good to read you again!