March 19, 2015

March, Please Leave Me Alone...

For any of you who have been reading my blog for a while it is no secret that I detest the month of March. Over many years the month of March has taken many people that I love including my daddy, a brother, an uncle, cousins, and friends, this year was no different; this past Sunday my step-grandmother(MawMaw) lost her battle with cancer and went to be with my PawPaw.

March has not only taken precious family members from me, but this year it decided to take a hero and favorite author of both my husband and myself. My husband brought the amazing Terry Pratchett into my Life 15 years ago in the form of a clumsy wizzard, a crazy and very much alive piece of luggage, and of course Death; The Color of Magic/The Light Fantastic was my first Terry Pratchett book, but not my last.
Made by my husband
I do have one bright spot in the month of March and she came into my life 13 years ago this Sunday; my youngest daughter is the most magical creature I have ever even dreamed of; I don't know how and I don;t question it, but she has the most uncanny ability to take all negativity from any room that she walks into. It does not matter the situation if she comes in the room you will smile and be happy.

An old pic she was about 7 in this one, she's still just as bubbly 

This weekend we will celebrate her becoming a teenager, were has the time gone? I hope all of you have a great weekend and a great rest of the month. 




  1. The circle of life must go on, my dear Ash. We weep the death of our Knight Writer, then celebrate a baby from Neil Gaiman and the birthday of your girl! ♥

    1. I'm so excited for Neil & Amanda, I wish them nothing but a happy healthy baby.... and I hope he or she is born on my birthday :P

      and yes I will be very much celebrating my baby and her big day.

  2. My deepest sympathies Ash.
    One of my grandsons was born on the date my mom died, another grandson born on my birth date.....death is only final, when we forget those we lost.
    A new teenager! That will keep you young!
    Enjoy every minute! xoDebi

    1. Yep I one turning into a teen, one graduating in May, and one right in the middle; they definitely keep me young.

      Thanks for the kind words Debi :-)