November 2, 2016

I'm Back...... after a very long, unwanted hiatus

So all the way back in January, I told you how well my year had started off and what our plans were for an awesome 2016; well, all that crap went out the window quick.

2016 has been a year of sadness, disappointment, fear, and loss.

It started with my step-dad losing his entire right leg(including his hip) because of cancer, then my mom went into the hospital in mid April; she never came out, we lost her on June 27th, and to be honest I am still reeling from that loss.

Throwback of a 4yr old me and my Mom
In August while still trying to recover from the loss of my mom, we found out that my wonderful husband had a bulging disc in his neck that was compromising his spinal cord and that he needed surgery asap.

Thankfully his surgery went great and he is doing really good still some pain but nothing like it was before surgery, and he is back to work which is good for his sanity and recovery.

There has been some good to all of this I have found out how strong I am and how I want to live my life, during this discovery I realized how much I missed blogging and how much I missed interacting with all of you; so I am going to try and start blogging more and get back to being the me that I love, I hope you will be patient with me and josin me on this journey of rediscovery.

Many Blessings


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