December 21, 2016

Looking Forward, by Looking Back

Let's face is 2016 sucked and I don't me just for me personally but pretty much everyone, and I don't know about you but I am ready for it to be over.

Before I talk about what I hope for in the year to come I would like to remember a few people who have passed on, these people all influenced my life in one way or another.

I would like to start with Harper Lee, who taught me to be color blind and Elie Weisel, who taught me to be strong in the face of ultimate hardship and that no matter what you go through you have to keep living and loving.

There were also a few Musicians and Actors that passed this year that I will always miss. David Bowie, taught me that it's ok to be me even if I'm a freak. Alan Rickman, taught me that you can say a thousand words with your eyes. Arnold Palmer and John Glenn, taught me that age was just a number.

Lastly my Mom, Leesa, taught me that mommies are human and make mistakes, but that's ok they still love their kids and would do anything for them.

I hope 2017 is better that 2016. I hope all of you have a wonderful and Blessed New Year.



Happy Yule, Merry Solstice

I hope this festive day is finding you all well, This has been a favorite for a while and I thought I would re-share it with you.

Visions of Sugar Plums

Many Yule Blessings


December 9, 2016

Time for a Kick in The @$$

As most of you know I have diabetes, and this week I had my 6 month check up; this is basically to check on all my numbers and make sure I am staying on track with my diabetes and over all health.

Well lets just say with all I have been going through the past 6 months my numbers all suck...
Cholesterol - sucks, A1C -Sucks, Triglycerides - Suck, and now I'm anemic. I have no one to blame for this except myself and I know that I am the only one who can change it so, it time to to kick my own @$$ and get back on track.

So this means back to my gym and workout routines, back to eating healthy, and time to tell this depression to hit the road I have things to do. Basically it time to get of my @$$ and move.

I will be posting my goals some pics and being braver than I have in a long time in my next post so stay tuned.